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How to Make Your Own Magic: The Gathering Set January 13, 2012

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I have discussed how to make your own Magic cards, and now I will discuss how to create your own Magic set. It can be a daunting task to create an entire Magic set (including 150 or more cards), but what I have to say might make it a lot easier. In particular, I suggest that you can make a Magic set one step at a time. Some steps are larger than others. There are five major steps required during the game design process: (more…)

My Top 5 Articles of 2011 January 2, 2012

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Recoculous.com isn’t as active as it once was, but I still had some interesting things to talk about. My personal top 5 for 2011 are the following: (more…)

Top 10 First Picks for Innistrad Draft (Tips & Strategy) September 29, 2011

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When drafting it’s a good idea to look for the best cards in each pack to decide what colors you should play and what themes you should try to get. The rares are often the right choice, but you can’t count on getting any rares in particular. What you can count on is choosing between commons and uncommons, so I will list my 10 favorite common and uncommon cards from Innistrad for draft: (more…)

Top 10 Innistrad Cards for Standard (Strategy & Tips) September 22, 2011

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There are several cards that I like from Innistrad, but these are my 10 favorite cards that might be worth using in a standard constructed deck: (more…)

Innistrad Prediction #3: The Ultimate Flip Card September 5, 2011

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Tom LaPille, a Magic designer, tells us that “When we see an opportunity to do something exciting in a spot that only exists this once, we should usually take it.” What opportunity will have to be taken now (or very soon)? For one, a Planeswalker that can transform (flip upside down revealing a new side). For another, a flip card that can transform. I present a creature card I call “Flip”: (more…)

Innistrad Prediction #2: Make Your Own Card August 29, 2011

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Today I will feature three cards that will exist someday in one form or another, and they could very well be found in Innistrad. (more…)

An Innistrad Double Faced Card Prediction: Polymorpher August 28, 2011

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Wizards of the Coast has always wanted to have a proper Polymorph creature that could transform into lots of neat things, and they will decide that double-faced cards give them all new opportunities for such a card. Look below to see for yourself. This card could be made any time in the future now that we know what’s in Innistrad. (more…)

How Death Will Change The Future of Magic: the Gathering August 4, 2011

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Creatures can die and they can be destroyed. This is something new players will not be happy about. They don’t want to have to know the esoteric differences between the two. Even so, the new rule involving creatures dying can involve some interesting new mechanics. (more…)

Magic 2012 Draft: Top 20 Common & Uncommon First Picks (Tips & Strategy) July 20, 2011

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When you draft, knowing which cards are best can be quite helpful. You should know if your rare is worth taking. Difficult choices generally concern the commons and uncommons. My 20 favorite commons and uncommons include the following: (more…)

Top 10 New Cards in Magic 2012 for Standard July 14, 2011

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There are many good reprints in Magic 2012, and some of them were gone for a while. Grim Lavamancer, Oblivion Ring, Incinerate, Ponder, Overrun, Goblin Grenade, Smallpox, and Solemn Simulacrum are all great cards that weren’t in Magic 2011 or any other set within the last year. My concern here are never-seen-before cards in Magic 2012 that I think could be good enough make a difference to Standard tournaments. (more…)

Magic 2012 Core Set First Impressions July 7, 2011

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Magic 2012 Core Set logo

The spoiler for Magic 2012 is complete, and I will now discuss some of my observations. First, bloodthirst is back. Second, hexproof is a new “evergreen” keyword. Third, Lightning Bolt has been replaced with Incinerate. Fourth, there’s three new Planeswalkers. (more…)

The Power 9 for Commander (Best Cards for EDH, Tips & Strategy) July 1, 2011

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Commander is a lot like a singleton version of Vintage (type 1), but many additional cards are banned. I will discuss which cards I think are the most broken in Commander. These cards could become banned at any time. (more…)

Top 10 Best Commander Precon Cards (EDH Tips & Strategy) June 24, 2011

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Wizards of the Coast has made Commander (AKA EDH/Elder Dragon Highlander) into an official format and five preconstructed commander decks have been released featuring 51 new cards. (Go here to see a spoiler of every card included in these decks.) I will now present my 10 favorite new commander cards from the preconstructed decks. My ratings of the cards are based on having the commander format in mind because most of the cards wouldn’t be worth playing in any other setting. (more…)

Preview of Magician, The Magic Deck Building Game June 6, 2011

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magician logo

Magician is a new deck building game being made based on Magic: the Gathering and inspired by the success of Dominion and Ascension. Instead of paying mana costs to play cards, you buy cards for your deck using money. Here are some sneak previews: (more…)

Top 10 New Phyrexia First Picks for Draft (Tips & Strategy) May 2, 2011

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The following are the my favorite common and uncommon cards from New Phyrexia that I will take a look out for while drafting New Phyrexia: (more…)

Top 10 Cards for Standard from New Phyrexia April 28, 2011

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Here are my current favorite cards for Standard from New Phyrexia. (more…)

First Impressions of New Phyrexia April 24, 2011

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The New Phyrexia spoiler is finished, so I will start previewing it now. In this installment I will review the themes found in New Phrexia: Phyrexian Mana, Golems, Infect, and Metalcraft. (more…)

DeQuan Watson’s Big Deck: A Magic Format April 11, 2011

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In 2005 DeQuan Watson discussed a Magic format he called “Big Deck.” I found out about this format because I know someone else thought of the exact same idea except he only used one of each card. The idea is basically just to play Magic with one big deck instead of requiring players to have their own decks. It’s a great way to play Magic “off the top” given a moment’s notice. I am a big fan of this format, but I prefer for players to split the big deck into pieces. One big deck of 160 cards can be turned into up to four 40 card decks. A 320 card deck can be used for up to eight 40 card decks. (more…)

Drafting Mirrodin Besieged Part 4: 5 More Cards Good in Metalcraft (Strategy & Tips) March 26, 2011

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Update (4/24/11): I added Ichor Wellspring to the list.

I have already discussed my 10 favorite common & uncommon cards to draft from Mirrodin Besieged and 5 other common and uncommon cards good in both metalcraft and infect. I will now discuss five more common and uncommon cards that I would want if I wanted to try to commit to making a metalcraft deck. (Actually, a few of these cards are actually decent in any non-infect deck anyway.) (more…)

Standard Red Deck Wins (Post-Mirrodin Besieged) March 15, 2011

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Not much has changed about Red Deck Wins since I discussed it last (almost two months ago), but I did well in a couple large events with my newest version: (more…)