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Playtesting dates and times:

I am looking for people willing to playtest original Magic the Gathering sets and original card games. I love making games and I’ve made several original Magic sets, but it’s not always easy to find people to play them. These sets and games can often be played like a cube and drafted. My original card game, Tactics, can also be played as a cube or “off the top.”

I often playtest at Legends (at Cupertino’s Vallco Mall) around 3:00 on Saturdays. (There is a 12:00 draft of Rise of Elrazi for only $10 that I will be entering.) Go here for more information about Legends.

If you are in the San Jose area and you are interested in playing my sets, you can let me know. I will need 3-9 people.

Thursdays: I will be testing out my original card game (Tactics) and teaching people how to play on Thursdays at Superstars at 6:30. It is possible to play as a sealed deck, draft, or off the top. So far the game works very well, but there are some balance issues to work out and improvements can be made. (This is no different from any other card game, but I want to improve it a bit before considering it to be a finished product.)