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Adventures with Ebay: International Shipping With Tracking August 6, 2014

Posted by James in : all, ebay help , trackback

Ebay always wants tracking information for everything. That can get a bit tricky with international sales. I used to send everything as registered mail because that always seemed like the best way to do it. However, I had problems with international sales and decided to stop doing it. Then a few years back ebay said I could use their international order fulfillment service. Somehow they are supposed to figure out how much shipping to charge, and I am only supposed to get the shipping payment to send it to the order fulfillment service. I am not supposed to worry about the actual shipping charges.

Then maybe a month ago someone said they were being overcharged, and wanted me to send it to them. However, ebay does not let me send an invoice and says that I am not allowed to send it to them. One reason I signed up for the order fulfillment service was precisely because I didn’t want to send anything internationally myself anyway. That did not make the buyer happy and the transaction had to be canceled.

Then just a few days ago I sold something to someone in Australia. For some reason it said the buyer requested a total, and I was able to send an invoice. That’s weird. That’s not supposed to happen. But I decided to send it out myself anyway. I had no idea how much USPS would charge me to send the item, but I could use a flat rate priority box. Supposedly that can often have tracking, and I knew how much to charge.

Then the person at USPS said that the priority mail box would not include tracking information. They said I would need to use express mail to get tracking, which would cost a completely outrageous amount. Lucky for me, I checked the international number on the USPS paper and it worked for tracking. International sales continue to be confusing and frustrating, and I am lucky that the tracking seems to be working.

Perhaps I should contact ebay about the situation, but that seems like more work to do, and I’m not excited to do it.


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