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Are There Too Many Magic Sets? May 11, 2014

Posted by James in : all, random , trackback

I have played Magic for almost twenty years and I have played almost every week in at least one event for over ten years. I can get used to a new Magic set without a problem, but I am not a big fan of how they release new sets. Sometimes there’s only two months before a new set comes out. That isn’t much time. And now they have been releasing three sets in three months.

Last Year Dragon’s Maze came out when it was almost May. One month later Modern Master’s came out in June. I played in every Modern Masters event in the area for a month (which was at least two events each week). Then Magic 2014 came out in July. That’s three sets in three months. And guess what. Magic 2014 wasn’t that great. I am not a big fan of core sets, and experienced players tend not to care much for them. The one good thing about that is it was easy to get people to play a Magic set I made instead of doing the Friday Night Magic event.

Avacyn Restored came out two years ago back in 2012 (when it was almost May). It was a big set. I wasn’t a big fan at first, but I learned to like the set quite a bit. Two months later Magic 2013 came out. That was not much time to draft Avacyn Restored. I told people that I wasn’t happy about that and they said people might draft that instead of Magic 2013. That never happened. And it wasn’t that they really liked drafting Magic 2013 either.

I expect Wizards of the Coast to want to continue this pattern — where three Magic sets are released in three months! They will probably release Modern Masters II next year around this time. Journey to Nix came out recently (when it was almost May), Conspiracy is coming out in a month (in June), and Magic 2015 will come out a month later in July.

I actually don’t mind five Magic sets coming out in a year, but they are doing it wrong. Having a Magic set come out a couple months after another might not be the worst thing in the world, but having three sets come out in three months is wrong. They shouldn’t do that. The reason it is happening is because there is one time a year when they want to release a Magic set just two months after another Magic set and they want to shove a “bonus” Magic set within those two months. That is pretty crazy.

There are other options. One, there are certain Magic sets that come out about four months after one another. They could release the bonus set in between those sets to give us two months between each one. Two, they could release the bonus Magic set one or two months after the core set because experienced players don’t really want to play it much anyway. That is what I would actually prefer. (They could also give us four months before starting the new major set after the core set.)

I don’t know of anyone else talking about this issue, so I advise you to spread the word if you agree with what I am saying.


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