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Recoculous Tokens March 21, 2014

Posted by James in : all , trackback

I created my own token cards and various other cards called Recoculous Tokens. The website can be found at http://recoculous.wordpress.com/ and I had some professionally printed.

I listed some on ebay in various auctions.

angel token

taiga card

Recoculous.com stopped working for along time (and I was unable to post updates), but maybe it will work again. My host said their new system might not work with the old wordpress engine they said I had to use several years ago when I first made this site. I might have to update the wordpress engine at some point.

I am also working on my own card game (Crazier Eights) and I plan on self-publishing it as soon as I can. The website can be found at http://craziereights.wordpress.com/


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