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Better Mulligan Rules October 22, 2013

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Magic: the Gathering currently uses the Paris mulligan rules. I have never been a fan of the Paris mulligan. The odds of winning after a single mulligan is around 40% (and perhaps worse). There’s about a 20% swing just by missing a card. The odds of winning with only 5 cards is a bit lower (perhaps around 20%), and with 4 cards or less it’s pretty much impossible. The idea of the Paris mulligan was interesting for the first five years or so, but it’s kind of a joke. Going down to 4 or 3 cards is just stupid. And going down to 1 or 2 cards is a joke. (more…)

Baby Steps Part II (A Fan Set) October 17, 2013

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You should first take a look at Baby Steps Part 1: Teaching Kids Magic Using Baby Steps. This is part 2.

Baby Steps Part 1 (the beginner difficulty level) basically has the commons, and Baby Steps Part 2 (the intermediate difficulty level) basically has the uncommons. The beginner level requires only the bare bones (creatures, sorceries, and basic lands), only one creature ability (flying), and only colored mana. It was a challenge to come up with cards that could keep the game interesting, but I think I was successful. (more…)

Teach Magic to Kids Using Baby Steps (A Fan Set) October 10, 2013

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I made the beginner level of Baby Steps, a fan-made Magic set created to help us teach our friends and kids. All the art used on the cards should be in the public domain. There are 50 cards so far, but I might add an intermediate and advanced level of the game at some point.

Baby Steps has the following simplifications:

  1. It only uses creatures, sorceries, and basic lands.
  2. The only creature ability is flying.
  3. There is only colored mana.