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How to Make Your Own Magic: The Gathering Set Part 7: Design Skeleton September 27, 2013

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Making a Magic set doesn’t require you to think of one card at a time. A lot of the cards are going to be predictable reprints (staples), nearly identical to some predictable reprint, or it will be some fairly generic yet vitally important card (such as card similar to Grizzly Bears). The skeleton of a Magic set is a general list of what’s needed (so many creatures, so many nonflying creatures, various other creatures, and certain spell effects). This list can not only tell you what reprints your Magic set can include, but it also gives you a very good idea about what the majority of the cards should be like. However, it is important to keep in mind that the set skeleton is mainly about the commons and uncommons because it is mostly useful as a guide to know what each set needs. The skeleton of every large Magic set is very similar, but it can be important to deviate in various ways. (more…)

Theros First Impressions (Review) September 5, 2013

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The Theros Prerelease is in a little over two weeks (and it’s officially released in a little over three). Even so, we already have a lot of spoilers. I think we pretty much know about all the new mechanics already. (The visual spoiler can be found here.) I will discuss the mechanics, flavor, and some key cards. (more…)

How to Make Your Own Magic: The Gathering Set Part 6: Planeswalkers September 1, 2013

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There’s three general considerations for making planeswalkers. One, deciding how powerful the abilities should be, and perhaps the most important thing is that all three abilities shouldn’t be too powerful together. Two, making sure the abilities have some synergy. Three, making sure it has a way to protect itself. (more…)