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The Nostalgic Old Stuff Cube August 23, 2013

Posted by James in : all, random , trackback

I have been working on a nostalgic cube of cards that came out around the time when I started playing Magic: the Gathering (a year after it started back in 1994). I started the game shortly before the Dark came out, and the cube includes anything I want from the Dark or before with a few exceptions.

The cube has the following main motivations and restrictions:

  1. I want it to be nostalgic and only have cards from the Dark or before. This makes the power level of creatures much lower than usual, so cards like Serra Angel become amazing.
  2. I will restrict the cube to non-rares in order to make it more affordable. I can’t afford the power nine.
  3. I will count U1-rarity cards as unommons (such as Preacher), and any rare that was reprinted as an uncommon can count as an uncommon (such as Two Headed Giant). Why would I do this? Because otherwise the quality of cards will be a lot lower. White in particular needs access to better cards.
  4. I will include four of each card in order to boost the power level a bit. Including lots of terrible cards would be the other option.
  5. Certain cards are not included because they are too powerful. Sol Ring, Demonic Tutor, Balance, and even Icy Manipulator seem to have an unfortunate unfair effect on the game.

The cube I made is also limited for budgetary reasons. I can’t afford getting Bazaar of Baghdad, Mana Drain, Library of Alexandria, Mirsha’s Workshop, Juzam Djinn, or various other expensive uncommon cards from that time period. If I was going to get anything worth over $50 for the set, I would probably want Juzam Djinn.

Cube List


4 Instill Energy
4 Arboria
4 Sylvan Library
4 Drop of Honey
4 Hurricane
4 Berserk
4 Giant Growth
4 Regrowth
4 Spitting Slug
4 Ifh-Biff Efreet
4 Killer Bees
4 Craw Wurm
4 Erhnam Djinn
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Elves of Deep Shadow
4 Tracker
4 Whirling Dervish


4 Holy Light
4 Wall of Swords
4 Castle
4 Land Tax
4 Swords to Plowshares
4 Jihad
4 Resurrection
4 Disenchant
4 Preacher
4 Abu Ja Far
4 White Knight
4 Argivian Archaeologist
4 Moorish Cavalry
4 Serra Angel
4 Thunder Spirit
4 Benalish Hero
4 Knights of Thorn


4 Dance of Many
4 Remove Soul
4 Control Magic
4 Psionic Blast
4 Telekinesis
4 Unsummon
4 Steal artifact
4 Countespell
4 Ghost Ship
4 Phantom Monster
4 Air Elemental
4 Old Man of the Sea
4 Electric Eel?
4 Serendib Djinn
4 Giant Tortoise
4 Serendib Efreet
4 Clone


4 Lesser Werewolf
4 Black Knight
4 Cuombajj Witches?
4 Sorceress Queen
4 Fallen Angel
4 Guardian Beast
4 Hypnotic Specter
4 Sengir Vampire
4 Drudge Skeltons
4 Vampire Bats
4 Terror
4 Oubliette
4 Weakness
4 Paralyze
4 Animate Dead
4 Ashes to Ashes


4 Inferno
4 Disharmony
4 Two Headed Giant
4 Roc of Kher Ridges
4 Granite Gargoyle
4 Fire Elemental
4 Orcish Artillery
4 Uthdan Troll
4 Ali From Cairo
4 Mountain Yeti
4 Kird Ape
4 Dragon Whelp
4 Shatter
4 Immobilation
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Disintigrate
4 Chain Lightning

Nonbasic Land

4 City of Brass
4 Desert
4 Mishra’s Factory


4 Onulet
4 Millstone
4 Ivory Tower
4 Primal Clay
4 Fellwar Stone
4 Juggernaut
4 Su-Chi
4 Clay Statue
4 Ashnod’s Battle Gear
4 Obsianus Golem
4 Triskellion
4 Yotian Soldier
4 Dragon Engine

The cube as listed here includes 101 unique cards, but there are four of each, so that’s 404 cards, which is more than enough for an 8-person draft.

Right now the weakest color is White. Jihad requires lots of white creatures, which are often hard to get; and Benalish Hero is perhaps the weakest card in the entire cube.



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