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Magic 1533: Spell Battle August 17, 2013

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The history discussed here is made up by me and there is no evidence that it is based on reality. (See Magic 1393 for more information.)

The original customizable fantasy card game was developed in 1533 called Spell Battle. This was the first card game made that required players to make their decks from a pool of cards before playing. Spell Battle is based on Tarot Combat II, but it has a much larger pool of unique cards, players make unique decks using the card pool, and each suit has a unique flavor.

Hearts are the “good guys” including knights, angels, and divine-oriented magic. (Hearts are similar to white cards in Magic.)

escape from hell

Diamonds have the more innovative and supernatural-oriented cards including domesticated animals and spells with strange effects. (Diamonds are similar to blue cards in Magic.)

alexander the great
Clubs have the natural and wilderness-oriented cards, such as wild animals and dragons. (Clubs are similar to green cards in Magic.)


Spades are the bad guys and include the unholiest cards, such as imps, harpies, and demons. (Spades are similar to black in Magic.)


Moreover, Spell Battle is the first card game with enchantments (spells that stay in play). All the spell cards of earlier games were discarded after use.


You can play Spell Battle for free. All the card images and rules for Spell Battle can be found here.


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