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Magic 2014 Core Set First Impressions (Review) July 9, 2013

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Magic: the Gathering has reached it’s 20th anniversary. Ten years ago was the 10th anniversary, and we got the new modern frames for Mirrodin and Eighth Edition, which paved the way to the new Modern tournament format. Five years ago was the 15th anniversary, and we got Tenth Edition, which was the first black-bordered core set since Beta. I thought they might celebrate the 20th anniversary with something new, but this core set seems ordinary for the most part. I am not a big fan of core sets, but they do offer new cards and sometimes they offer reprints of cards that are worth way too much money. Last time Grim Lavamancer was reprinted it went from a $20 card to a worthless card. Something similar might happen to Mutavault, but that card is so good that I expect it to continue to hold some value. (more…)