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Magic 1523: Tarot Combat II Character Cards April 2, 2013

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The history discussed here is made up by me and there is no evidence that it is based on reality.

Tarot Combat II was the first combat-oriented card game featuring various monsters and effects. Even so, the deck of cards is actually based on a tarot deck — the cards are based on the 56 playing cards, and 22 trump cards. Character cards is the first expansion for a combat-oriented card game. It includes 22 more soldier cards, each featuring a monster or animal. Each character card has a unique set of statistics, and some of them have the flying ability.

An example of a character card:

Notice that the character cards don’t have a suit. That means that they can be played, even if you have no soldiers in play. It also means that they count as ever suit when in play.

An example of a character card with flying:


The Phoenix is one of the biggest and most powerful character cards. The definition of flying is written on the card — flying soldiers can’t be blocked by soldiers without flying.

Rules Card

tarot combat ii rules card

You can download the entire character card expansion for free here.



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