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Dragon’s Maze First Impressions April 26, 2013

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I am not completely thrilled with Dragon’s Maze, but there is a lot to like about the set. Dragon’s Maze is a multi-color themed set with lots of two color spells. It’s the first pack that we will open during the Return to Ravnica drafts, which will be used to help us decide which three colors to play in our deck. (more…)

Magic 1523: Tarot Combat II Character Cards April 2, 2013

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The history discussed here is made up by me and there is no evidence that it is based on reality.

Tarot Combat II was the first combat-oriented card game featuring various monsters and effects. Even so, the deck of cards is actually based on a tarot deck — the cards are based on the 56 playing cards, and 22 trump cards. Character cards is the first expansion for a combat-oriented card game. It includes 22 more soldier cards, each featuring a monster or animal. Each character card has a unique set of statistics, and some of them have the flying ability. (more…)