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Magic 1513: Tarot Combat II March 27, 2013

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The history discussed here is made up by me and there is no evidence that it is based on reality.

Tarot Combat is a tarot card game similar to Magic: the Gathering invented in 1503. The problem is that the game requires players to memorize what all the cards do. The 22-unique trump cards can be difficult to remember in particular. Tarot Combat II was invented in 1513, and it is training-wheels for Tarot Combat. It’s basically a tarot deck, but all the cards say what they do on them. This makes it much easier to play.

The soldier cards each feature a different character. Instead of having an Ace, Two, Three, etc., there are lions, unicorns, and knights.


unicorn of hearts

The unicorn was originally the Seven. It has no cost, 1 strength, and 7 speed.

Many of the trump cards are the inspiration for certain popular Magic cards that we are still familiar with. I will present four of them for your consideration.

Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune

Wheel of Fortune was originally a Tarot card, and the effect it has on the game of Tarot Combat is almost exactly the same as it is in Magic: the Gathering.



Justice was the original “Balance.” Of course, it was more balanced because you can’t play artifacts and enchantments before playing it for a more powerful effect.



Judgment was the original “Wrath of God.”



Tower was the original “Lightning Bolt.”

Tarot Combat II is free, and you can download all the images used for it here.



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