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Top 10 Gatecrash Cards in Standard February 12, 2013

Posted by James in : all, strategy, constructed, standard , trackback

The five shock lands are probably the best addition to Standard found in Gatecrash, but there are ten other cards that I think are worth mentioning. I don’t know that these cards will all make much of a difference in standard, but I think they are quite good and are pushing boundaries about how powerful Magic cards can be.

1. Boros Reckoner

boros reckoner

I believe that Boros Reckoner will help mono red decks become one of the most competitive decks in standard. Boros Reckoner is the three cost version of Spite Mare that could get first strike. This card fills an important gap in the Red Deck Wins curve and will probably be played in other decks as well.

2. Boros Charm

boros charm

Boros Charm is one of the most powerful charms we’ve ever seen. The double-strike ability should be compared to Berserk, 4 damage for only two mana is quite good, and making your creatures indestructible can also be quite useful. All the abilities are good.

3. Aurelias Fury

aurelia's fury

Aurelia’s Fury is one of the best X spells we’ve ever seen. You can use it to kill several small creatures, to tap several creatures, to deal a lot of damage to the opponent, and/or to keep the opponent from casting sorcery spells during his or her turn. All those abilities are good, but any deck that uses it will want ways to get a lot of mana, which is not easy to do.

4. Orzhov Charm

orzhov charm

Orzhov Charm is creature removal with two other marginal abilities. Those marginal abilities could actually be quite good in some situations.
Orzhov Charm

5. Obzedat Ghost Council

obzedat ghost council

Obzedat is one of the better legendary creatures in Gatecrash. It can potentially lead to a 9 point swing each turn that it attacks (5 points of regular damage, 2 points of life gain, and 2 points of life loss to an opponent.)

6. Glaring Spotlight

glaring spotlight

Glaring Spotlight is versatile. It’s good at ruining hexproof creatures controlled by opponents and it can make all your creatures unblockable. Those abilities have at least a marginal effect on standard right now. The fact that it can give your creatures hexproof could also be helpful now and then, but I don’t expect that ability to be as important as the other abilities it has.

7. Clan Defiance

clan defiance

Clan Defiance also pushes the limits of what we should expect from X spells, but unfortunately X spells aren’t that scary right now.

8. Mystic Genesis

mystic genesis

Mystic Genesis is like the new Mystic Snake. It’s a bit expensive, but it can be quite scary. It might be a bit underrated right now, but it’s hard to say how good it is. The casting cost is a bit prohibitive.

9. Legion Loyalist

legion loyalist

Legion Loyalist is quite good for a one cost red creature, but I currently like Stonewright and Stromkirk Noble more. Legion Loyalist has a lot of competition right now.

10. Wasteland Viper

wasteland viper

Wasteland Viper is very good for a one cost creature. A 1/2 with deathtouch is good, and the bloodrush ability is also decent. Still, it’s hard to say if there’s any deck that will find a use for it.


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