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Top 10 New Rares from Return to Ravnica for Standard October 6, 2012

Posted by James in : all, strategy, constructed, standard , trackback

Return to Ravnica has tons of great cards for Standard. The Shock Lands are obvious, but this list is restricted to the new rares that I think could make a difference to standard.

1. Jace Architect of Thought

Jace architect of thought

The new Jace is affordable, greatly harms the opponent’s attack, has a decent size, and has decent abilities. I don’t think it’s comparible to the broken Jace, but it’s still a good card.

2. Abrupt Decay

abrupt decay

Abrupt Decay is one of the best removal spells ever made. It’s got an affordable cost. It can kill any nonland permanent that costs 3 or less. And it can’t be countered. And it’s an instant.

3. Dreadbore


Dreadbore is just like Terminate but better. No one ever complained about Terminate being too weak and it was widely played. I don’t see why Dreadbore wouldn’t be worth playing in the right deck.

4. Detention Sphere

detention sphere

Detention Sphere is like a better Oblivion Ring, which was already one of the best removal spells ever made. Oblivion Ring was worth playing. This will also be worth playing in the right deck.

5. Vraska the Unseen

vraska the unseen

Vraska the Unseen’s first ability can be ignored, but the second ability is great. It will probably be used often as a Vindicate. That’s not a bad.

6. Loxodon Smiter

loxodon smiter

Loxodon Smiter shows something Selesnya is good at — giving you big creatures at a low cost. Populate is probably less important than that in Standard.

7. Ash Zealot

ash zealot

Ash Zealot is one of the best cheap red creatures we’ve ever got, and it gives me hope that mono red could still be worth playing in Standard.

8. Mizzium Mortars

mizzium mortars

Mizzium Mortars is a decent removal spell that rips the opponent’s army to pieces for the overload cost. I don’t know if there will be a deck for it, but it’s decent.

9. Cyclonic Rift

cyclonic rift

Cyclonic Rift is similar to Mizzium Mortars in that it can be sort of used as removal and it can be used to tear the opponent’s board position to pieces for the overload cost. I think it is clearly weaker in general and think the overload cost is a bit high, but it’s still a great card. And perhaps what is also important about this card is the fact that it’s spashable. I wouldn’t be surprised if this card finds a home in a standard deck.

10. Collective Blessing

collective blessing

Collective Blessing should pretty much win you the game and is similar to a permanent Overrun. It’s hard to say if this will be good enough for Standard, but it might find a home in a Selesnya deck.



1. Rodney - October 10, 2012

I think I’d prefer Overrun. I use Day of Destiny a lot because I have quite a few legendaries. …and Tempered Steel because I love my Myr Superion and Darksteel Colossus. In my green/white decks I also have Beastmaster Ascension. :D Green/Black with heavy artifacts, I use Heartless Summoning :D