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Top 10 First Picks for Return To Ravnica Draft (Review, Strategy, & Tips) [Updated 10/5/2012] September 26, 2012

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When Drafting Ravnica Restored you will want to look into choosing one of the five guilds — Rakdos (RB), Azorius (WU), Selesnya (WG), Izzet (UR), and Golgari (GB). What does that mean? It mostly just means you will be in that corresponding color combination. How will you decide on a color combination? Take whatever cards you think are best early on that can be played in one of the five guilds and keep taking them. (more…)

Return To Ravnica Is Not Ravnica (My First Impressions/Review) September 21, 2012

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I think we would have liked Return to Ravnica to be as much like the original Ravnica as possible but with new cards. Return To Ravnica is a lot like the original Ravnica. There’s hybrid cards, mana fixing, and several two-mana themes called “guilds.” However, I do have a major complaint and I think this is a good reason to think Return To Ravnica is inferior to the original — the mana fixing is significantly worse. First, I liked to have great mana fixing. Second, this might not be a problem when we draft a two color deck, but it could be a problem by the time we draft all three sets of the Return To Ravnica series together. Why? Because that will require us to generally play at least three colors. (more…)

The Inspiration for the Wit’s End Card Art September 16, 2012

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On October 5, 2010 Shanedi Matnarudin posted a great piece of art on deviant art featuring a wizard and a giant demon: (more…)

From Alpha to Legends: Top 10 Crazy Artifacts September 10, 2012

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I remember a time when I’d throw random artifact cards in my decks just because that was the kind of thing to do back then. Magic wasn’t about winning as much as it was about playing fun cards and twiddling your thumbs. This post is in homage to the nostalgic wonderful days of being a silly Magic player for those of us who experienced such a thing. There is something good about seeing Magic that way, but a lot of these artifacts are too powerful, too weak, or too complicated.

Perhaps one day Wizards of the Coast will start making more crazy artifacts like these except make sure they are balanced properly. Perhaps one day competitive Magic will be a little less about playing overpowerered cards so that fun cards can make a difference to the game without being imbalanced. The fact that Trading Post has made it to into standard events might be a good sign. (more…)