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Predicting the Future Part 15: Magic 2414 (3 of 4) August 28, 2012

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Go here to see Magic 2414 (part 1).

In this installment I will discuss various uncommon cards that will be in Magic 2414.



Moxes and lands will produce lots of mana and there will be some cards with high mana costs to give you something to do with it. Cthulhu is perhaps the most powerful uncommon in terms of its effect and strength.



Magic 2414 has a lot of powerful enchantments, but Divinity is one of the most powerful uncommon enchantments. It not only protects you, but it also gives you potential card advantage and an alternate win condition.



Enlightenment shows yet again that you could get a very powerful effect for even a single mana. Keep in mind that there’s a chance that this can be used to kill an opponent.

Urza’s Time Mox

urza's time mox

Urza’s Time Mox is the most powerful Mox that you can get 400 years in the future. And it can be used as a Time Vault the way we always wanted to use one — with the option to be tapped to get an extra turn right away.

(The image used for Divinity is in the public domain. The images used for Enlightenment and Cthulhu both have a creative commons license.)



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