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Predicting the Future Part 14: Magic 2414 (2 of 4) August 14, 2012

Posted by James in : all, fake cards , trackback

Go here to see Magic 2414 (part 1).

I have discussed what we should expect various relatively weak cards from Magic 2414. In this piece I will discuss cards that produce mana and unveil what we should expect from cards that cost mana to cast.

1. Mox of Titania

mox of titania

We have already seen why basic lands can be worth playing. Mox of Titania explains what we can expect of a Mox 400 years in the future. It has flash to help assure the caster that spells can be played during the opponent’s turn because otherwise the opponent’s odds of winning on the first turn is even greater.

(Astrospoon uploaded this art to the mtgsalvation forum here.)

2. Red Planet

red planet

Red Planet shows what we should expect of a nonbasic land 400 years in the future. It can start in play to help assure the player that she won’t lose before she has a chance to take a turn.

3. Demonic Ascension

demonic ascension

Demonic Ascension explains what we should expect a one-mana-cost spell to be like 400 years in the future. And the answer is that it’s game winning. Keep in mind that this is not the kind of spell you want to be redirected.

4. Fire Dragon

fire dragon

Fire Dragon explains what we should expect to get for two mana four hundred years in the future, and it features the ability of not using the stack. That means it resolves immediately rather than ever going on the stack, which makes it a little bit better than having “split second.”

(The image for Fire Dragon is by Sandra and it has a Creative Commons license.)



1. kelen - August 23, 2012

And the game would be really boring in 2414 …

2. James - August 23, 2012

I have played Magic from the future and it’s not as bad as you might think. How do you imagine it being?