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Predicting the Future Part 13: Magic 2414 (1 of 4) August 7, 2012

Posted by James in : all, fake cards , trackback

I made some predictions about what Magic will look like 100 years in the future and posted cards from Magic 2114. At that point the power 9 will no longer be “over powered” because of the power creep — cards will become incrementally more powerful every decade. If my predictions are correct, then I can also estimate what cards will be like from just about any decade… including four hundred years in the future. At that point Magic will be completely silly, but that doesn’t mean it will be pointless. It can still be an interesting game after all. I will list four common cards from Magic 2414.

1. Flare

Flare shows how much more powerful we can expect direct damage. Additionally, it has “Mountain Seek,” which is an important ability for at least three reasons:

  1. Mountain Seek gives you a reason to play fewer colors, even though you can easily throw it in any deck regardless of color. Fewer colors in the deck means you will have a higher chance of getting free lands.
  2. Mountain Seek gives you a reason to play basic land cards. Nonbasic lands can be much more powerful than basic lands in the future, but there can still be a good reason to play basic lands anyway.
  3. Zero cost spells can have various power levels depending on how high of a “seek” score they get. Flare has “Mountain Seek 6,” so its effect is one of the weakest burn effects possible. (Without a seek ability it could deal between 12-14 damage instead.)

2. Lich of Lim-Dul

Lich of Lim-Dul features an ability similar to Lich’s Mirror and it helps explain how players can stay alive when all the cards are so powerful. Black notoriously has few defensive options to stay alive, but Lich of Lim-Dul will exist for that purpose.

3. Spiteful Sprite

Spiteful Sprite shows us how powerful we should expect counter magic to be 400 years in the future.

4. Titanic Ape

Titanic Ape technically has a converted mana cost of 1, but it will usually be played for free. The ability also features a reason for players to play basic lands and fewer colors. This is about how powerful we can expect “potentially free” creatures to be in the future.

(All of the images on these cards are in the public domain, except the one used for Flare, which has a Creative Commons License.)



1. alastair - October 8, 2013

what’s the point of mana in this future of yours?

2. James - October 9, 2013

You get more powerful effects for spells that have higher mana costs. You might want to take a look at the other pieces I wrote about Magic 2414. Here’s part 2: http://www.recoculous.com/2012/08/14/predicting-the-future-part-13-magic-2414-2-of-4/

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