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Top 10 Best New Cards in Magic 2013 (M13 Review) July 12, 2012

Posted by James in : all, reviews, strategy , trackback

Magic 2013 is unlikely to have many cards show up in Standard and it lacks many great cards from Magic 2012 (e.g. the Titans, Mana Leak, and Ponder.) Even so, there are ten cards that I like quite a bit, and some of them could make a difference in Legacy and Modern.

1. Master of the Pearl Trident

master of the pearl trident

We know that Lord of Atlantis is used in Legacy and Modern, but Master of the Pearl Trident is strictly better because it only helps your own Merfolk. There is no question that some people will play this card sooner or later in a tournament.

2. Augur of Bolas

augur of bolas

Agent of Bolas is likely a 2-for-1 and it’s a 1/3, which is larger than Elvish Visionary. Elvish Visionary has been used in Elf Decks, and this card will probably be used in Merfolk Decks. Additionally, this card is so good that I expect it to make an appearance in Standard.

3. Sublime Archangel

sublime archangel

Sublime Angel is one of the most powerful Angels ever made. I don’t know how many decks will use it, but it’s good.

4. Thundermaw Hellkite

thundermaw hellkite

Thundermaw Hellkite is the best Dragon ever made. It’s Similar to Demigod of Revenge, but it’s more splashible. Odds are that this will make an appearance in a Standard Deck at the very least.

5. Ajani Caller of the Pride

ajani caller of the pride

Ajani is one of the few three casting cost Planeswalkers and they’ve all been played in standard so far. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one shows up in a standard deck as well.

6. Liliana of the Dark Realms

liliana of the dark realms

Liliana of the Dark Realms has one of the best removal abilities on a Planeswalker and gives card advantage, but it’s only really meant to be played in a mono black deck. Some people believe we will see dual lands with land types once Ravnica makes a reappearance, which could make this card more playable in Standard.

7. Magmaquake


It’s an instant Earthquake. I don’t know if it’s good enough for standard play. It can take out several Planeswalkers at once, but it doesn’t deal direct damage to the opponent.

8. Elderscale Wurm

elderscale wurm

Elderscale Wurm might be good enough for standard, but it’s certainly good enough for Commander.

9. Diabolic Revelation

diabolic revelation

Demonic Revelation is unlikely to be good in anything other than Commander, but it could be good in that format.

10. Omniscience


Omniscience is unlikely to be good in anything other than Commander, but it could be worth playing in that format. This card looks “fun” and I hope to see more omni-cards in the future, such as Omnipotence. I predicted that we’d eventually see various Omni-cards, but I actually said they’d exist decades from now. In fact, I predicted that Omnipotence would do what Omniscience does here.



1. Rodney - October 6, 2012

Akroma’s Memorial …if it was a little cheaper to cast would probably make it on here. I mean, come on…it’s basically DEIFYING your creatures. …it does save a typical Sliver deck from being nothing but slivers, probably cheaper as well. “all slivers have ___”. My dream decks have Myr Superion (from New Phyrexia and it’s cheap to cast as a 5/6) and Akroma’s Memorial. …of course you have to get creatures that create mana for Myr Superion but should be easy when it’s only 2 mana needed… I’m sure we could add more cards to make the listed cards worth a damn in a tourney-type game. Of course there’s Obliterate (6RR) that can’t be countered but I think it can be countered pre-cast, right? Could Iona, Sheild of Emeria do anything? OR any Circle of Protections? …But I do suppose we can just destroy the required cast cost of it to prevent it from being cast.

2. James - October 6, 2012

Akroma’s Memorial was a reprint, so it would not qualify for this list. It is probably used in some EDH decks, but I don’t currently use it in any decks.