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I am Selling The Ultimate Elf Collection June 4, 2012

Posted by James in : all , trackback

I have collected Elves for around a decade and I am selling a collection of 290 cards with one of every Elf I got my hands on including an Alpha Elvish Archers, a Beta Llanowar Elves, Norwood Priestess, and much more. I included various editions and promos of the same card when they had different pictures. I used foils for all the Elves I could get foils for. This is perhaps the best Elf collection ever made. This collection likely includes at least one of every elf.
I listed the collection on ebay in an auction. You can also see many pictures of the collection here.

I am also selling many decks and other collections of cards on ebay. Go here to see everything I put up for sale.


1. Michael - June 8, 2012

You would do better selling the Intuitions from the Madness deck by themselves. Then replace those 4 slots with something else.