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How to Make Your Own Magic: The Gathering Set Part 4: The Power Level of Instants & Sorceries June 24, 2012

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When making your own Magic cards or set it could be a good idea to consider how powerful instant and sorcery cards should be. I will describe the range of power levels we should expect each instant or sorcery spell to have, which is based on (a) the mana cost, (b) additional abilities, and (c) drawbacks. We can measure the power level of each card in terms of “points”—each instant and sorcery spell can be expected to have the same number of “points” as a creature would for the same mana cost. (more…)

How to Make Your Own Magic: The Gathering Set Part 3: The Power Level of Creatures June 15, 2012

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It’s important to know a little about how powerful cards should be when making your own Magic set. There is a range and not all cards are equally good. Many cards are “strictly worse” than others. Even so, it would obviously be a waste of space to make a 0/1 creature with no abilities for five mana and it would be silly to have a 5/5 creature with no drawbacks for one mana. This article will explain what range of power level creatures can have. (more…)

How to Make Your Own Magic: The Gathering Set Part 2: Staples June 6, 2012

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You can go here to see How to Make Your Own Magic: The Gathering Set Part 1

There’s a secret reason that making your own Magic set isn’t necessarily as hard as you think — The majority of every Magic set is a variety of normal creatures and spells, and that’s the easiest part of making your own Magic set. The cards (or variation of cards) that appear in just about every set or block are called “staples.” There are two main kinds of staples: (1) Reprints, such as Naturalize and Cancel. (2) Variations of reprints, such as Doom Blade, Treachery, and Defang. It’s not entirely clear how often a card or knock-off must be printed to be considered to be a “staple.” Some cards are “absolute staples” that have been printed in every block for several years and others aren’t. (more…)

I am Selling The Ultimate Elf Collection June 4, 2012

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I have collected Elves for around a decade and I am selling a collection of 290 cards with one of every Elf I got my hands on including an Alpha Elvish Archers, a Beta Llanowar Elves, Norwood Priestess, and much more. I included various editions and promos of the same card when they had different pictures. I used foils for all the Elves I could get foils for. This is perhaps the best Elf collection ever made. This collection likely includes at least one of every elf.
I listed the collection on ebay in an auction. You can also see many pictures of the collection here.

I am also selling many decks and other collections of cards on ebay. Go here to see everything I put up for sale.