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First Impressions for Avacyn Restored (Review/Preview) April 8, 2012

Posted by James in : all, reviews, previews , trackback

Preview Week has started for Avacyn Restored and you can see many of the spoiled cards here. The two new abilities are Miracle and Soulbond. I will introduce these abilities and discuss some of my thoughts about them. (Other than the fact that I can never remember the name of this set. “Avacyn” is not a memorable word for me.)


banishing stroke

Miracle cards can be played when they are drawn (if they are the first card you drew that turn) for a reduced price. Miracle is a fun and creative mechanic, but I’m not happy with the Miracle cards I’ve seen so far. Why? Because they are potentially too powerful and disruptive–especially in limited. One mana to get rid of any permanent is too good and losing to that card will not be fun for the opponent.

An extreme example would be a card with Miracle that lets you win the game. Would that be fun? No. It would be powerful but it would ruin everything. There would be no point to anything any player did up to that point. The Miracle cards I’ve seen aren’t that extreme, but they are potentially unfun for a similar reason — if they win you the game, then everything else that happened that game is less relevant.

Powerful creatures are often unfun for the same reason as well. Originally large creatures had high costs (like Lord of the Pit and Force of Nature), or they were underwhelming to keep them from winning the game by themselves. Now powerful creatures can make everything else that happens irrelevant.


wingcrafter soulbond

Soulbond says that two creatures have an ability for as long as they’re both in play. This ability seems weak because it can be very difficult to have two creatures in play at the same time without one being destroyed.

Even more importantly, the ability sounds like something like banding. Creatures that are “paired together” summon images of creatures that attack together as a group. But they don’t do that. The ability is not only deceptive, but we want it to be something more fun and interesting than it really is.

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1. Michael - April 11, 2012

Miracle becomes even more crazy when it triggers if you cast Desperate Ravings on your opponents turn.

Lets say on their turn the first card you draw with the Ravings is a Miracle card. You cannot actually cast the Miracle card until Ravings finishes resolving. So you draw card 1, trigger Miracle, draw 2 and discard randomly. Then (assuming you didn’t discard your miracle) you can cast it. But what if you already had a Miracle card of the same name in your hand? Which is the one you drew and which is the one you already had? Gets complex.

2. James - April 12, 2012

You are not supposed to cast one that was already in your hand. You’d have to keep it revealed.