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The Three Best Combos That No Longer Work March 30, 2012

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Combos have always been important, but some of the best combos no longer work. I will discuss the three best combos that no longer work. These combos haven’t worked for over 12 years. If you jut started playing Magic a few years ago, then you missed out on a lot of good times.

Rukh Egg/Bazaar of Baghdad

rukh egg

Rukh Egg originally gave you a 4/4 flying Rukh no matter how it was put into your graveyard. For example, discarding it would be a great way to get your 4/4 Rukh. (Of course, this was not the intended use of the card, as confirmed by Richard Garfield in February 1993.)

Rukh Egg was made in the first expansion to Magic: the Gathering, Arabian Nights, in December 1993. It wasn’t until August 1994 that Rukh Egg was given an official errata to only give you a creature when it’s put into the graveyard from play.

bazaar of baghdad

Bazaar of Baghdad says, “Tap: Draw 2 cards, then discard 3 cards.” This was a perfect card for Rukh Egg. You could draw 2 cards and discard three Rukh Eggs on your first turn!

Mirror Universe/City of Brass

mirror universe

Mirror Universe says, “Tap, sacrifice Mirror Universe: Switch your life total with the life total of another player. Play this ability during your upkeep.”

city of brass

City of Brass says, “Tap: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool. Whenever City of Brass becomes tapped, it deals 1 damage to you.”

The reason City of Brass was a combo with Mirror Universe was because you could reduce your life total to 0 with City of Brass before switching life totals, and players wouldn’t die from life loss until the end of the phase.

The Mirror Universe/City of Brass combo worked until the Sixth Edition rules were released in April 1999.

Wall of Roots/Stasis/Magma Mine

This is also known as the “Wall of Boom” combo.

wall of roots

Wall of Roots says, “Put a -0/-1 counter on Wall of Roots: Add G to your mana pool. Play this ability once each turn.”


Stasis says “Skip each untap step. Pay U at the beginning of your upkeep or sacrifice Stasis.”

magma mine

Magma Mine says, “4: Put a pressure counter on Magma Mine. T, sacrifice Magma Mine: Magma Mine deals one damage to target creature or player for each pressure counter on it.”

The Wall of Boom combo used to work because there was a moment between turns (because of weird rules made for Time Vault). A judge ruled that players could use Wall of Roots between turns because nothing could stop you from using a mana source, and that you could use Wall of Roots an unlimited number of times because it wasn’t a turn, and that Wall of Roots wouldn’t immediately die from the minus counters because mana sources are too fast. (You can use the mana source over and over before the rules check to see if the wall dies.)

But what will you do with all that mana? It will all leave your mana pool at the end of the untap step! No worries, that’s what Stasis is for. Skip your untap step and get the mana during your upkeep.

But what can you do during your upkeep with all that mana? You can’t cast Fireball because that’s not an instant. That’s where Magma Mine comes in. Put a ton of counters on it and use it to kill the opponent.

The Wall of Boom deck was made around January 1998 and the between turns moment was taken out of the game in February 1998


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1. Michael - April 14, 2012

The Rukh Egg ruling actually changed in Feb of that year.

src (web.purplefrog.com/~thoth/magic/rulings-arabian.html)

2. Michael - April 14, 2012

It wasn’t official errata until August, but Richard Garfield had this to say.

The “going to the graveyard” text means only when it leaves play as a creature. It does NOT include being discarded from your hand. One may be able to read this card wrong. This is one of the few “play it right” and not “play it as it reads” corrections. [Garfield]

3. Michael - April 14, 2012

Also, back then Bazaar wasn’t thought of as the combo enabler it is today. The best people could come up with for the egg would be “jam 4 in my deck and hope to get it in the opening 8 (draw a card when you play first) and play no lands to discard it for profit.”

4. James - April 14, 2012


Good find. I’m pretty sure I remember people doing the Rukh Egg the good way even though Garfield made that ruling. I’m not surprised that the intended use of the card was less powerful than the way I want to read it.

They might still reverse their decision at some point in the future to make the card relevant again.

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