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Predicting the Future Part 12: Magic 2114 (3 of 3) March 15, 2012

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You can read part 1 here.

Today I will preview 5 more cards from Magic 2114 — some of the most powerful cards you could ever hope getting. Many of these will be quite familiar to us.

Many people will argue that these cards will never be made, but they should be reminded that these cards won’t show up for over 100 years from now and many cards get incrementally more powerful every decade or so.

1. Exotic Wisdom

exotic wisdom

Exotic Wisdom continues the tradition of Exotic Orchard (using the opponent’s stuff) and Ancestral Recall. Like Ancestral Recall, it can be used to kill the opponent by getting rid of her library. However, it won’t be as helpful as usually unless you’re playing a five-color deck.

2. Fortune


Fortune is the newest take on Wheel of Fortune. Drawing lots of cards will be even more important in the future considering how good mana acceleration will be.

3. Mox of Gaea

mox of gaea

You might have guessed that Moxes will finally be remade in the future. We won’t need to worry about getting Moxes from Beta after these are made because they’re so much better.

4. Underground Lake

underground lake

Underground Lake shows how powerful dual lands will be. It produces two dual-colored mana. Both mana it produces are blue and black, so it can be used to pay costs for blue and/or black spells.

5. Blackest Lotus

blackest lotus

Will Black Lotus ever be too weak? Yes. That’s where Blackest Lotus comes in.

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