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Predicting the Future Part 11: Magic 2114 (2 of 3) March 8, 2012

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You can read part 1 here.

Today I will preview four more cards from Magic 2114 that can give you a good idea what you can expect to see 100 years from now.

Vesuvan Pixie

vesuvan pixie

Vesuvan Pixie is a lot like Pestermite with two major differences. One, it has a 0 mana cost, so it can be used as mana acceleration (by untapping lands). Two, it has a scry ability as long as you control an Island. It is important to note that old fashioned basic lands are still used and useful in the future. There’s still a reason to play a mono-colored deck.



Stegosaurus features a new mechanic called “compensate.” Mana acceleration is the most broken part of Magic the Gathering that makes it possible to get a first turn win in Type 1 (vintage) tournaments. Cards with compensate punish players for spending a lot of mana early game.

Divine Judgment

divine judgment

Divine Judgment is the future of mass removal. Instead of destroying all creatures, it just destroys the opponent’s creatures.



Omnipresence is the sort of card you can get for 6 mana. It doesn’t necessarily make you win the game, but it can be devastating in a strong control deck.


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