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Predicting the Future Part 10: Magic 2114 (1 of 3) March 1, 2012

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A little over 100 years in the future Magic cards will exist that you might find shocking. You will say, “That card would never be made!” However, you have to keep in mind that there’s a power creep. Cards can become incrementally more powerful every decade or two. Cards like Kird Ape were banned for being too powerful before Wild Nacatl was made, which is almost strictly better. (And now Wild Nacatl is considered to be too powerful.)

Magic 2114 will come out in the year 2113 to celebrate the 120th anniversary for Magic: the Gathering. And that is the year that Ancestral Recall will no longer be considered to be “broken” because all the cards will be about that powerful. You might wonder what the other cards will look like if Ancestral Recall is considered to be “okay.” That’s why I will give you a sneak preview of Magic 2114 starting with three cards.

All three of the cards that will be previewed today have a converted mana cost of 1 to make them easy to compare with Ancestral Recall.

Ancestral Meditation

ancestral meditation

Ancestral Meditation is a good comparison with Ancestral Recall. You can decide how many cards to draw (1, 2, or 3), but you can’t use it to force opponents to draw cards to death. One reason that Ancestral Meditation will be made rather than Ancestral Recall is because it doesn’t violate a reprint policy.

Phoenix Egg

phoenix egg

Phoenix Egg is an homage to the original Rukh Egg from Arabian Nights — one of the most powerful cards ever made. Rukh Egg used to give you a 4/4 Rukh token for going to the graveyard from everywhere, so it was a great combo with Bazaar of Baghdad. Phoenix Egg does what Rukh Egg used to do, but it’s even better.

Elvish Maiden

elvish maiden

Elvish Maiden gives you an idea what to expect from 1/1 creatures for one mana in the future. It can give you quite a bit of card advantage, but it’s easy to kill.


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1. Michael - March 14, 2012

Ancestral Meditation could actually make someone draw 0 cards. If you need to dump your hand for whatever reason, it could be a 1 mana do nothing card.

2. James - March 15, 2012

It’s the target’s choice about how much to draw. Yes, you can do it to yourself to do nothing.

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