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Magic 2114: A Special Preview February 22, 2012

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It’s now possible to take a look at a future article from Wizards of the Coast. Click here to take a look.

The Top 10 Broken Cards for Commander (EDH Tips & Strategy) February 15, 2012

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Commander (Elder Dragon Highlander) gives us a unique opportunity to find cards that are broken because (a) the game is multiplayer, (b) players start the game at 40 life, or (c) players each get a “general.” The list of cards here are broken precisely because of these elements. (Even so, I am not saying that they should be banned, or are necessarily better than the cards from the Commander Power 9.) The point is merely that these are cards that should probably be in your deck whenever possible. (more…)

Top 10 Dark Ascension Cards For Standard (Tips, Strategy, Review, & First Impressions) February 3, 2012

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This is my top 10 favorite Dark Ascension cards with Standard in mind. The cards on this list might never see play, but I think they are good when considered in isolation, and they are likely to see play at some point. (Perhaps after the next rotation.) Keep in mind that this list is created before Dark Ascension was officially released, so it is somewhat speculative. (more…)