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What Dark Ascension Should Have Been Like January 30, 2012

Posted by James in : all, random, fake cards , trackback

dark ascension

I will introduce three new mechanics (and corresponding cards) that should have been in Dark Ascension:

1. Treasure counters

Bag of Gold

bag of gold
Bag of Gold features the new “treasure counter” mechanic, which is basically the opposite of poison counters. However, treasure counters can be used in other ways. (See below.)

I actually thought of a similar mechanic quite some time ago, which I called “gold counters,” but the treasure mechanic is still significantly different.

2. Rewards

Cave Troll

cave troll

Cave Troll features the new reward mechanic, which gives players a bonus for killing various permanents. This finally allows players to get loot from enemies like in Dungeons and Dragons.

Stone Troll

stone troll

Stone Troll not only features the new reward mechanic, but it also features a different version of the “undying” mechanic that quite literally keeps a creature from ever dying.

3. Purchases

Angelic Light

angelic light

Angelic Light is a card you can put into your deck from your sideboard for two treasure counters. (You must lose two treasure counters to get it.) Because you buy this card to “plan ahead” and must wait to draw it, the effect is quite powerful.

The main idea of the purchase mechanic is to allow players to continue to make decks as they play the game. The gold needed to buy cards can be acquired via rewards and other treasure cards.

Troll Hireling

troll hireling

Troll Hireling shows what you should expect to get for one treasure counter.

These three mechanics are clearly related. Treasure, rewards, and purchases should all be combined in the same set. Of course, it is possible to separate them.

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1. Rtm - February 20, 2012

That’s a cool idea, this treasure counter mechanic changes the game the much more differently than other mechanics. They should implement that.