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Top 10 First Picks for Innistrad Draft (Tips & Strategy) September 29, 2011

Posted by James in : all, strategy, tips, limited, draft , 19comments

When drafting it’s a good idea to look for the best cards in each pack to decide what colors you should play and what themes you should try to get. The rares are often the right choice, but you can’t count on getting any rares in particular. What you can count on is choosing between commons and uncommons, so I will list my 10 favorite common and uncommon cards from Innistrad for draft: (more…)

Top 10 Innistrad Cards for Standard (Strategy & Tips) September 22, 2011

Posted by James in : all, strategy, tips, constructed , 9comments

There are several cards that I like from Innistrad, but these are my 10 favorite cards that might be worth using in a standard constructed deck: (more…)

Innistrad Prediction #3: The Ultimate Flip Card September 5, 2011

Posted by James in : all, fake cards, speculation , 1 comment so far

Tom LaPille, a Magic designer, tells us that “When we see an opportunity to do something exciting in a spot that only exists this once, we should usually take it.” What opportunity will have to be taken now (or very soon)? For one, a Planeswalker that can transform (flip upside down revealing a new side). For another, a flip card that can transform. I present a creature card I call “Flip”: (more…)