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Innistrad Prediction #2: Make Your Own Card August 29, 2011

Posted by James in : all, fake cards, speculation , trackback

Today I will feature three cards that will exist someday in one form or another, and they could very well be found in Innistrad.

Artificial Creation

artificial creation

Now that we can play with modified “check list” cards, perhaps some check list creatures will be made. “Artificial Creation” is the ultimate project of a mad scientist and it’s the ultimate make-it-yourself card. It’s exactly what game designers have always wanted.

The Chosen One

the chosen one

Whenever a world is seized by dark forces, a Chosen One is needed who can save the world from evil. And now we finally have one. And it can be whatever sort of hero you want similar to a personalized Dungeons & Dragons player character.


ryuo master sorcerer

Whenever the world is plunged into darkness, great villains seize the opportunity to rule the world. Ryuo is one of those villains.


ryuo dragon king

Villains are often more powerful than they seem at first. Ryuo is actually the Dragon King, and you turn the card upside down when he’s transformed to reveal his “true self.” Your opponents will be surprised to find out his “true self” because you get to decide what his abilities are.

The art for Ryuo, Master Sorcerer is the Dragonlord (Dragon King) by Cesar Hernandez. (He gave me the art several years back.)

The art for Ryuo, Dragon King is by Dayanna Cast and it’s licensed using a creative commons agreement.


1. michael - August 30, 2011

I am not sure that people would be cool with marking their own rares up like that. Especially since it is the kind of thing you can really only do once (the marks do not disappear).

If you separated the marking part of the card to a generic token that you would mark up, then you could have real customizable creatures and a token people actually want to own. Otherwise, people will just choose the “best” set of abilities, everyone will netdeck that set and the creature is no longer customizable at a competitive level.

2. James - August 30, 2011

I’m not convinced that there is a best set of abilities, but I think almost everyone would want the shroud ability. First strike and deathtouch are a good combination, but haste or flash are better against control decks. Vigilance is often good in control decks.

I agree that people might not like to mark the cards and tokens (or something similar) could be made available.

Some people have criticized the cards for violating the color pie and that is a fair criticism. Wizards of the Coast could certainly make the cards quite different from the ones shown here.

3. Robert - August 30, 2011

Can the cards change between games?

4. James - August 31, 2011

No, the cards are permanently marked. There might be a way to mark cards without being permanent via a token of some sort, but that’s not the original intent of the card mechanic.

5. Robert - August 31, 2011

I’m picturing problems with deck registration and deck checks.
First, there’s the people who will forget to list one of the abilities of their card on the deck registration sheet.
Second, there’s the not unlikely possibility that a person has different versions of the card in the maindeck and sideboard. It would be easy to put the different versions in the wrong place at the start of the match.
While those mistakes can be avoided if a player is careful, I wonder whether there’s a way to the mistakes easier to avoid.
I like this mechanic, and the double-faced cards that prompted it, but I don’t like situations where a player loses due to causes outside the game.

6. michael - August 31, 2011

Good point. I don’t think of the competitive play side of the cards when evaluating them. One way to avoid that would be to say if you are using one of these cards, all of them need to have the same set of abilities. That would probably be the most elegant solution. The only problem is if you want a to change the ability set and your deck uses 4, you need to get 4 more copies.
I do like the idea that each person who uses the card can potentially have a different version of it. But there are a lot of logisitical problems to sort out.

7. James - September 1, 2011

Robert, you made some good points. I agree with Michael about some possible solutions to that issue. Otherwise the deck registration simply must be done right.

8. liaoxliaox - September 12, 2011

Technical issues can be solved. But the flexibility of those selections are just OP. Artificial Creation for example:

I would give it flying, vigilance, shroud, First strike followed by +6 atk and +0 toughness.

It would be sick. a 7/1 first strike, flyer, and it cannot be targeted by any spells. I dun see a effective way of countering it.

What if I choose Deathtouch, vigilance, shroud, first strike and make it a 5/5.

It’s too sick to even think about it. Cannot be targeted by spells and u need 6 5/5 creatures to effectively kill it.

I think while the rest of the abilities can be chosen by players, abilities like deathtouch and first strike can only be decided by wizards. If not it has to be restricted options.

9. James - September 13, 2011

You can’t give Artificial Creation more than +5/+0. You could give it flash.

First strike and deathtouch aren’t as important once creatures get huge. You can pretty much kill anything without deathtouch anyway.

10. James McMurray - July 20, 2012

Love the art work for the dragon