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An Innistrad Double Faced Card Prediction: Polymorpher August 28, 2011

Posted by James in : all, fake cards, speculation , trackback

Wizards of the Coast has always wanted to have a proper Polymorph creature that could transform into lots of neat things, and they will decide that double-faced cards give them all new opportunities for such a card. Look below to see for yourself. This card could be made any time in the future now that we know what’s in Innistrad.




polymorpher backside

To “transform” Polymorpher, turn the card upside-down revealing the 3-card-split. Only the part of the card it transforms into is active and the other parts are ignored.

The image of the bunnies is by Carl Oswald Rostosky, the image of the bear is by Charles Russell Victor, and the picture of the dragon is by Thomas Cooper Gotch.


1. michael - August 29, 2011

They might do that in a third un-set, but not in a real set. It is the dice thing that makes it for an un-set.

As for having something that can turn into multiple things, they wouldn’t have you flip and remember to which it flipped. It would most likely work like Tatsumasa, the Dragon’s Fang…the polymorpher leaves play (or is sacrificed) and a token comes in to replace it. This could allow the transformations to be temporary.

Transform is just the gimmick for this set’s day/night dichotomy.

A slightly more realistic card would be something that transforms into a Kamigawa style flip card.

2. James - August 29, 2011

That’s what I would say about double-sided cards. I think they have proven that just about anything totally crazy can and will be done.

3. Darth Parallax - August 29, 2011

I think anything you can possibly do with the number ‘2′ is indeed now up for grabs- however I still think we are far away from having 3 used for any of the same kind of thing. We don’t even have Shard hybrid mana symbols yet. A Triple Split card is actually something they could do. Triple Flip or Triple Form cards are just….right out. So, so, ridiculously right out. Imagine, for example, Johnny tastic cards of all kinds- Knowledge Pool, Scrambleverse, Riku of Two Reflections….hell Isochron Scepter rules out Triple Form instant cards costing 2 or less. No, I really think they will not take things to 3. The last time some smartass used the number 3 we got Precursor Golem. Who is rather good with Rite of Replication, I hear. Another card that used non-2 numbers. No, I think any number greater than 2 is pretty much taboo for everything except Power, Toughness, and colorless mana now. o.o

4. James - August 30, 2011

It might not be in Innistrad, but it can be made eventually.

5. michael - August 30, 2011

All I am saying is the rules are in place for a card to transform into a flip card so it would require much less memory (triple split creature would need a marker…or just have it “transform” into one of 3 token cards since all those tokens exist) and rule changing. Also gets rid of that dice roll which is clearly un-set territory.

6. James - August 30, 2011

I think double-faced cards are un-set territory. Everything about this card is made as crazy as possible, and it could be an un-set card. However, it might not be in an un-set considering what’s happened.