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Top 10 Best Commander Precon Cards (EDH Tips & Strategy) June 24, 2011

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Wizards of the Coast has made Commander (AKA EDH/Elder Dragon Highlander) into an official format and five preconstructed commander decks have been released featuring 51 new cards. (Go here to see a spoiler of every card included in these decks.) I will now present my 10 favorite new commander cards from the preconstructed decks. My ratings of the cards are based on having the commander format in mind because most of the cards wouldn’t be worth playing in any other setting.

10. Hornet Queen

hornet queen

A decent card that is a great way to protect yourself from creature attacks, but green tends not to worry too much about being attacked.

9. Scavaging Ooze

scavenging ooze

A great card, but it probably won’t be good enough to win the game.

8. Martyr’s Bond

Martyr's Bond

Martyr’s Bond is quite powerful, but it’s a bit slow. For the same cost there’s plenty of other game changers that have an immediate effect.

7. Edric, Spymaster of Trest

edric spymaster of trest

Edric can be a lot of fun for a multiplayer game, but it’s hard to fit something like this in a deck when there’s already so many great cards.

6. The Mimeoplasm

the mineoplasm

The Mimeoplasm is incredibly powerful if you can get creatures in the graveyard. This is a lot better in a 5 color deck that has access to more mass creature removal. At the never least you should have this in a deck that uses Nevinyrral’s Disk, Oblivion Stone, and Damnation.

5. Tariel, Reckoner of Souls

tariel reckoner of souls

Tariel is very powerful, but it also has a high casting cost, and there’s lots of powerful cards for that cost that are either just as good or better.

4. Dread Cacodemon

dread cacodemon

Dread Cacodemon is very expensive, but it’s not too hard to play cards with this high of a cost in a multiplayer game. If you want something huge, this is the sort of card you’re looking for.

3. Kallia of the Vast

kaalia of the vast

Kaalia is completely awesome, but it’s easy to kill. It still makes this list because it automatically gives you a creature whenever it attacks, even if it’s blocked.

2. Command Tower

command tower

Command tower is good enough for any multicolor EDH deck. I’m not convinced that multicolor EDH decks are necessarily the right way to go and there’s already plenty of many fixing around, so this doesn’t get first place. Nonetheless, it is the best mana fixing you can use in a multicolor deck and there’s only one card I am more impressed with from the precon decks.

1. Damia, Sage of Stone

damia sage of stone

I give Damia first place because it’s a card I would strongly consider using as a general. It’s mana cost isn’t incredibly high and it can end up helping you draw an extra 6 cards each turn. That’s exactly the sort of card advantage that I would consider using.


Most of the new cards used in the precons aren’t better than anything we’ve seen before, but some of them are. Two cards in particular are incredible. The rest of the cards on this list are quite good as well. Most of these cards are only worth playing in the commander format, but Scavaging Ooze in particular is something I would consider playing in legacy.



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