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Preview of Magician, The Magic Deck Building Game June 6, 2011

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magician logo

Magician is a new deck building game being made based on Magic: the Gathering and inspired by the success of Dominion and Ascension. Instead of paying mana costs to play cards, you buy cards for your deck using money. Here are some sneak previews:

black lotus magician card

Black Lotus is expensive to buy, but you get to play it for free while playing the game. Just like in real Magic.


There’s no point to having Force of Will in a game where all the cards are free to play, but that makes Counterspell all the better.


Juggernaut is a creature, but like many cards it has a strong nostalgic reason for being here.


Not everything here is old and nostalgic. Communism is an example of an all-new card.

mishra's factory magician card

Mishra’s Factory is much the same, but has the slight modification of being free to activate. The fact that you have to buy lands for your deck is a good reason to allow lands to be even more broken than before.

lotus petal

Magic decks can cost you a fortune, but Magician continues this tradition. Luckily some cards give you money without costing anything. Lotus Petal is the main source of free money available.

It’s about time Wizards of the Coast admits it’s printing money, and I look forward to playing Magician. It should be interesting.


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