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Top 10 New Phyrexia First Picks for Draft (Tips & Strategy) May 2, 2011

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The following are the my favorite common and uncommon cards from New Phyrexia that I will take a look out for while drafting New Phyrexia:

10. Geth’s Verdict

geth's verdict

Geth’s Verdict will kill something and it has a chance at killing something good.

9. Blind Zealot

blind zealot

Blind Zealot is a decent creature just because it has intimidate, but its ability to kill makes it fantastic.

8. Parasidic Implant

parasidic implant

Parasitic Implant is a little slow, but it has a good chance at giving you card advantage and can kill just about anything.

7. Beast Within

beast within

Beast Within is a vindicate with a pretty severe drawback, or a 3/3 beast with flash and a drawback of losing a permanent you control. I like that it gives us options.

6. Enslave


Enslave is slow for stealing a creature, but it’s still a great card in limited.

5. Grim Affliction

grim affliction

Grim Affliction can be creature removal, but proliferate can be quite helpful in other ways.

4. Glissa’s Scorn

glissa's scorn

Glissa’s Scorn is a great removal card considering all the artifacts around in New Phyrexia and Scars block at large.

3. Volt Charge

volt charge

Volt Charge is decent creature removal and proliferate is a nice touch as well.

2. Dismember


Dismember is quite simply great creature removal. The fact that you choose how much mana to pay for it makes it one of the best removal cards in the set.

1. Whipflare


Whipflare has the possibility of giving you a great deal of card advantage–especially against infect decks.


There’s some good red and green cards on the list, but black is by far the winner. Although black cards in New Phyrexia are quite good, keep in mind that black is not the best color in Scars of Mirrodin or Mirrodin Besieged. That means you might want to let everyone else fight over black while you reap the rewards of playing another color later on.


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