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Drafting Mirrodin Besieged Part 2: 5 Cards Good in Infect & Metalcraft (Strategy & Tips) February 25, 2011

Posted by James in : all, strategy, limited, draft , trackback

Welcome to my second post about Mirrodin Besieged draft strategy & tips. Part 1 was “Top 10 Commons & Uncommons” and was meant to help you decide what colors to play. In today’s installment I will discuss more cards worth taking early on that don’t commit you to any theme in particular. These cards are good in just about any deck (as long as you are playing the right colors). It’s a good idea to stay flexible and to take cards that will be useful no matter what deck you end up playing. If you don’t see any cards from my top 10 list, then one of these cards should do fine.
Here are my 5 favorite cards good in both Infect & Metalcraft:

5. Plague Myr

plague myr

I wouldn’t want a Plague Myr for my first pick, but it’s decent mana acceleration in any deck with the bonus of having infect.

4. Flayer Husk

flayer husk

Flayer Husk is a cheap artifact to help you get metalcraft and it has a decent bonus to put on infect creatures.

3. Spread the Sickness

spread the sickness

Everything on this list is colorless except Spread the Sickness. I couldn’t help but put this on the list because it can kill anything and that is quite helpful. The proliferate ability can be useful in various decks including infect decks. I wouldn’t mind taking this or any of the cards below as a first pick.

2. Sphere of the Suns

sphere of the suns

Sphere of the Suns is the best mana fixing you can get, and it’s great mana acceleration.

1. Signal Pest

signal pest

Signal Pest is a cheap card that helps you get metalcraft, but it’s even better as a card that makes your infect creatures deal extra damage. It has been compared to Honor of the Pure and for good reason.


1. 神の一手 - February 25, 2011

You missed the best card. Ichor Wellspring. Best common to draft in the set.

2. James - February 25, 2011

I haven’t played with it yet. I’ll have to give it a try when I get a chance. It seems like you’d have to build a deck around it though, unlike these cards.

3. 神の一手 - February 27, 2011

Ichor Wellspring is basically draw 2 for 2. There are so many sacrifice outlets. It is about 3rd pick quality.

4. James - February 27, 2011

There aren’t a ton of of sacrifice outlets for noncreature artifacts. What kind of outlets do you have in mind? Almost all of them seem to be red.

5. 神の一手 - February 27, 2011

You can always read the card as 2 mana, draw a card +1 towards metalcraft since no one wants to kill it.

Glint Hawk Idol is a friend of the wellspring.
Rusted Slasher is also a friend.
Piston Sledge…but that is stretching it.
You are right that a lot of the sacrifice an artifact cards are red and that kind of takes you away from infect, but it also just enables metalcraft.

And if you do go infect, Throne of Geth is waiting to eat this card to get your second draw.

Glissa loves it if you have a reliable sac outlet.

6. James - February 27, 2011

I have a hard time getting a lot of the synergy making things like this work. I tend to get sacrifice outlets or things that want to be sacrificed, but I can’t always get both. I might change my mind if I have a lot of luck with Ichor Wellspring in the future.

My experience might be based on my own priorities when drafting. If I see certain cards, I will usually take them over sacrifice outlets and so on.