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Predicting the Future Part 8: Magic 2080 (Part 2) December 5, 2010

Posted by James in : all, fake cards, speculation , trackback

I predicted how guild mana will be introduced in Magic 2080. Today I will show two more cards from 70 years in the future featuring guild mana costs:

Zeus's Rage magic 2080

Zeus’s Rage is the future Psionic Blast and Char. In 2050 a 6 damage lightning bolt, Thor’s Rage, was created, and we can expect an even more powerful bolt to be made even further in the future when guild mana is required.
darkest ritual magic 2080

Cinder Ritual wasn’t a whole lot better than dark ritual, but Darkest Ritual is the ultimate ritual that can be even better in a multiplayer game.

Shadowmoor and Eventide turned hybrid mana into new colors. Through a two color alliance you could have a new mixture of mechanics and synergies never seen before. These hybrid themes could be further explored in the future. Guild mana is the next step. Mixtures of two colors can present us with entirely new colors of mana featuring entirely new themes, mechanics, and synergies. It is possible for guild mana to become a major part of Magic before M80 comes along, but I predict that M80 will be the most appropriate set for it to take form.


1. 神の一手 - December 6, 2010

If you have Thor’s Rage, shouldn’t the upgrade be Odin’s Rage?

2. James - December 6, 2010

Maybe, but Odin doesn’t use lightning bolts.

3. Me - March 14, 2011

okay WAYYYYY too overpowered. you’ve got uncommons suprassing rares here. let me remind you that urza’s rage deals 10 damage and that costs a total of 10 mana. For zues’ rage (which i highly consider changing the name as zues doesnt exist in the multiverse) the cost should be maybe 6 possibly 7. You could possibly bump it down to 5 so long as you keep the 2 damage to you and limit the spell to only hitting creatures.

As for Darkest ritual i like the concept just bump up the cost 2