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Predicting the Future Part 7: Magic 2080 (Part 1) November 22, 2010

Posted by James in : all, fake cards, previews, speculation , trackback

Back in 2008 I predicted what Magic would look like 50 years in the future, and I eventually turned many of those cards into an actual set that could be played. It was then that I thought of a card called “Cinder Ritual” as seen below:

valley magic 2070

It took people about two seconds to realize what R/B hybrid mana is — mana that is both red and black.

This sparked the realization that Magic 2070 could have some new basic lands featuring hybrid mana (in around 60 years in the future):

valley magic 2070Don’t worry, the new basic lands won’t be much better than the nonbasic lands found in the future. In fact, people will still need some incentive to play basic lands and I predict that Magic 2080 will offer us the following (in around 70 years in the future):

communism magic 2080

Communism features a new mana cost that requires hybrid mana.You need a white/red mana to cast Communism.
It might be a bit awkward that hybrid mana produced is different from the “guild mana” cost seen here, but keep in mind that colorless mana costs can be paid with any color, but colorless mana can only pay colorless mana costs. Mana costs are a little confusing. (Of course, hybrid mana could always look like guild mana to help avoid confusion.)

Note: I don’t know who painted the artwork I used for Cinder Ritual. I can remedy that situation if anyone can find out for me.



1. Me - March 14, 2011

The first two i approve of.

Communism (which needs a major name change) is basically the same card as balance more or less.

2. Dada - July 26, 2011

Cinder Ritual artwork was actually taken from a real Bohemian Groove gathering image, where supposedly the big idol is an owl. And the priests there do sacrifice a child to Moloch, while the elite of the world is present. Later when all of this came out,they said it was just theater for old boys meeting in the forest. This ritual was filmed on camera by Alex Jones that went there at night without permission and risked his life, because he wanted to know what they did there hidden, and no one was supposed to know.

3. James - July 28, 2011

Yes, I would still like to know the artist of Bohemian Grove if possible.