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Drafting Scars of Mirrodin Part 5: Proliferate November 14, 2010

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Scars of Mirrodin is one of the most difficult sets to draft because there are only two obvious decks to shoot for — Metalcraft and Infect. However there are also two other decks that most people either don’t know about or are unwilling to try to make — Sacrifice and Proliferate. I already talked about the sacrifice theme, and I only found out about the proliferate deck recently.

The main idea of the Proliferate deck is to play cards that make use of counters, then you play proliferate to get more counters. Proliferate can easily be mono blue, but you can also combine it with green or black for infect. My top 8 proliferate common and uncommon cards are the following:

1. Thrummingbird


Take all these you can. You usually can’t play proliferate unless you get at least one of these, but they are passed around the table and it’s not too hard to get it.

2. Contagion Clasp

contagion clasp

Contagion Clasp is a great way to proliferate late game and it’s removal. This is one of the best cards you can get for a proliferate deck.

3. Tumble Magnet

tumble magnet

Tumble Magnet was on my first pick list and it’s a great card even if you aren’t playing proliferate.

4. Golem Foundry

golem foundry

Golem Foundry isn’t very powerful in an artifact deck, but it can be quite good with proliferate. It should be easy to draft a couple of these because no one else will probably want to play it.

5. Steady Progress

steady progress

It proliferates.

6. Culling Dais

culling dais

Culling Dais isn’t that great without proliferate, but it’s great with proliferate. Like Golem Foundry, it shouldn’t be too hard to get a couple of these. People tend not to like it.

7. Trigon of Thought

trigon of thought

The trigons work well with proliferate and Trigon of Thought is good in particular.

8. Throne of Geth

throne of geth

Throne of Geth can also be good good in proliferate considering that it can proliferate at least once. Of course, it’s a lot better with some artifacts. I recommend playing some Myrs.

Honorable Mention: Necrogen Censor

necrogen censer

Necrogen Censer is pretty weak by itself, but it can be good with proliferate.


I’m not sure how good the proliferate theme is. If you get the right cards, it can be quite powerful, but it can be difficult to get enough proliferate-themed cards because they are often worth playing in other decks. (Infect decks are good with proliferate in particular.) The main draw is that there is little competition. The main drawback is that proliferate can be good in non-proliferate decks.


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