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Drafting Scars of Mirrodin Part 4: Infect & Poison November 5, 2010

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The infect strategy can be a bit competitive and you have to get exactly the right cards (lots of infect stuff) or it won’t be very good. Of course, it can be a very powerful deck when it works. You will want to play green/black and ignore most green black cards that don’t have infect. This is a strategy that could require you to skip some removal in favor of more infect creatures. The following commons and uncommons are worth playing in an infect deck that I already mentioned.

  1. Skinrender
  2. Darksteel Axe
  3. Grasp of Darkness
  4. Slice in Twain
  5. Tumble Magnet

Other than those five cards, the following cards are my top 15 common and uncommon cards specifically for the infect theme:

1. Corpse Cur

corpse cur

Corpse Cur is card advantage and an infect creature. This is the best infect common or uncommon.

2. Blight Mamba

blight mamba

Blight Mamba can be difficult to kill, which is pretty good in infect.

3. Necropede


Necropede has infect and it has the potential of giving you a two for one with all the one toughness creatures in this set.

4. Cyst Bearer


Cystbearer looks like its barely better than a Gray Ogre, but having infect makes a big difference.

5. Plague Stinger

plague stinger

Plague Stinger is the only flying common or uncommon creature with infect, and evasion is very important with infect.

6. Carrion Call

carrion call

Carrion Call also has a chance of giving you a two for one, but it’s a little expensive to cast.

7. Tangle Angler

tangle angler

Tangle Angler is large enough to be difficult to kill, and it has a chance of making all the opponent’s creatures block it so that all your other creatures can attack unblocked.

8. Tel-Jilad Fallen

tel-jilad fallen

Tel Jilad Fallen has protection from artifacts, which is very useful in Scars of Mirrodin.

9. Ichor Rats

ichor rats

Ichor Rats is a lot like a Gray Ogre with infect, but the extra poison counter is a nice addition.

10. Contagion Nim

contagious nim

Contagion Nim is a Gray Ogre with infect.

11. Contagion Clasp

contagion clasp

Contagion Clasp isn’t just removal because proliferate is potentialy very powerful in an infect deck.

12. Untamed Might

untamed might

Untamed Might makes winning with infect a lot easier. One unblocked creature with infect and Untamed Might can be the end of the game.

13. Bladed Pinions

bladed pinions

Flying and first strike are both great abilities with infect.

14. Grafted Exoskeleton

grafted exoskeleton

Even if all your creatures have infect in your deck, giving some little infect creature +2/+2 can be quite helpful.

15 . Ichorclaw Myr

ichorclaw myr

Ichorclaw Myr is about the weakest infect creature I would usually want to play, but you might need to take every infect creature you can.


The top 15 infect-themed cards above aren’t the only infect-themed cards worth playing. There are other infect creatures, equipment, and cards with proliferate that you might want to take.


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