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Drafting Scars of Mirrodin Part 3: Metalcraft Decks October 28, 2010

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It is likely that you will draft a lot of artifacts, but you can try to really go for the artifact theme big time. If you want to go for the artifact theme, metalcraft is the main thing to look for. When making an metalcraft deck, you need to get the right cards to warrant playing an artifact deck, but you also need to choose your colors because many of the best metalcraft cards are non-artifacts. Any color combination can make a decent metalcraft deck, but some colors are better than others. In particular, I am not impressed by the green metalcraft cards. Here are the top 15 common and uncommon cards I look for when I want to play metalcraft:

1. Darksteel Axe

darksteel axe

Darksteel Axe is a great card and it can be used in just about any deck.

2. Galvanic Blast

galvanic blast

Galvanic Blast is better than Darksteel Axe except it requires you to play red. If you are already in red, then I take all these I can.

3. Dispense Justice

dispense justice

Dispense Justice is possibly the best removal in the set, but it can’t hit a player for four damage like Galvanic Blast.

4.  Vedalken Certarch

valdalken cerarch

Valdelken Certarch is like a one casting cost Icy Manipulator that is free to use. It’s very powerful, but it’s also easy to kill.

5. Bleak Coven Vampires

bleak coven vampires

Bleak Cloven Vampires is very powerful. Gaining life and dealing 4 damage to the opponent is quite useful.

6. Rusted Relic

rusted relic

Rusted Relic only works in a true metalcraft deck, but it’s still a dangerous card, and sometimes it’s pretty easy to get a couple for your deck.

7. Rust Tick

rust tick

Rust Tick is an artifact and it’s a lot like artifact removal at the same time.

8. Contagion Clasp

contagion clasp

Contagion Clasp is a little like creature removal, but it also helps you get metalcraft.

9. Perilous Myr

perilous myr

Perilous Myr tends to be a very defensive card, but it is quite good at what it does.

10. Necropede


Necropede is a lot like Perilous Myr, but it’s a little more offensive and a little less good in defense.

11. Embersmith


If you are in red, then Embersmith is great. There’s a lot of one toughness creatures around in Scars of Mirrodin. I would consider taking Embersmith over a Rusted Relic, Perilous Myr, etc. as long as I know I am in red.

12. Myrsmith


Myrsmith will often be better than Embersmith because it can help you get metalcraft, and it can end up creating an entire army. I would consider taking Myrsmith above a Rusted Relic, etc. much like Embersmith — as long as I know I am going to play white.

13. Painsmith


Painsmith can become very powerful when combined with an infectious creature or flying creature. Of course, it’s pretty good in any metalcraft deck anyway.

14. Razor Hippogriff

razor hippogriff

Razor Hippogriff is card advantage, life gain, and a large scary flier. It’s quite good and could be worth taking over some of the above cards if you know you are in white.

15. Chromesteed


Chromesteed is a bit weaker than Rusted Relic, but it serves an almost identical purpose.

Honorable Mention: Lumengrid Drake

Lumengrid Drake

Lumengrid Drake flies and it returns creatures to their owner’s hands. It’s a decent card, but I think it tends to be a little less impressive than the other metalcraft cards on this list.


Although I didn’t mention green, it is theoretically possible to make a good metalcraft deck using green. Also, common sense should dictate that cards on color will end up as a higher priority while drafting and cards off-color are usually worth ignoring entirely. (Galvanic Blast and Dispense Justice will often be worth splashing.)


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