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Drafting Scars of Mirrodin Part 2: The Sacrifice Theme October 21, 2010

Posted by James in : all, strategy, tips, limited, draft , trackback

The fact that Scars of Mirrodin has an artifact and poison theme is obvious — but there’s also a sacrifice theme that can be worth drafting. Not to mention that most people steer clear of this strategy, so it’s not too hard to draft it. Red is the only color that is essential to the sacrifice theme, but black also has some helpful cards. Here is a list of the best cards for the sacrifice theme:

1. Furnace Celebration

furnace celebration

Furnace Celebration is a card you can consider taking above just about anything else — especially if you know you want the sacrifice theme. It is the most important card and everything else in the deck can revolve around it.

2. Barrage Ogre

barrage ogre

Barrage Ogre is another card the sacrifice theme can revolve around other than Furnace Celebration. They also work well together.

3. Perilous Myr

perilous myr

Perilous Myr is not only a good card in its own right, but it works well with a deck that can sacrifice it.

4. Necropede


Necropede is good for the same reason Perilous Myr is good.

5. Fume Spitter

fume spitter

Fume Spitter is a great card, but it’s even better with Furnace Celebration.

6. Ferrovore


Ferrovore is also a good card as long as you are playing a lot of artifacts, but it’s also an obvious combo with Furnace Celebration (and Perilous Myr).

7. Panic Spellbomb

panic spellbomb

Panic Spellbomb is good with anything that can sacrifice it (because you can draw a card when it is sacrificed), and it’s a combo with Furnace Celebration. In fact, any spellbomb can be decent in the sacrifice deck, but you will want to have the right color of mana to be able to draw cards with them.

8. Vulshok Replica

vulshok replica

Vulshok Replica is decent in any red deck, and it’s a combo with Furnace Celebration.

9. Moriok Replica

moriok Replica

See Vulshok Replica.

10. Flesh Allergy

flesh allergy

Flesh Allergy is a combo with Furnace Celebration and Perilous Myr.


The sacrifice theme is quite strong and it’s often neglected by players. The ten cards shown above are not only good with the sacrifice theme, but many of them are quite good anyway. It could be a good idea to draft the above cards that are good in “any deck” early because the “sacrifice themed” cards are often untouched by the other drafters.

The above cards are not the only cards worth putting in a sacrifice deck. There are more.


1. robert ching - October 23, 2010

i agree. it’s strong, and overlooked. horizon spellbomb and the green replica are sweet, too.

2. Julien - November 21, 2010

You forgot Molder Beast, combined with artifact creatures and Ferrovore, I won my prerelease and 1 draft.

3. James - November 23, 2010

Molder Beast isn’t really the right color for the sacrifice theme even though it is pretty good with it. The sacrifice theme is mainly in black/red.