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Arabian Nights 2 Previews Part 5 October 11, 2010

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When Arabian Nights was made, there was no strong commitment to make the game more balanced or to stop making overpowered cards. The creatures tended to be more powerful in Arabian Nights and the noncreature cards tended to be less powerful, but some broken cards were still made.

One of the exciting parts of making Arabian Nights 2 was that such a set could have had a lot of broken cards in it. The three cards previewed below are probably the most broken cards that I put into the set (and they are featuring the new Arabian Nights template):

sacred lotus

Sacred Lotus continues the “pay life as a drawback to get an overpowered card” theme that was originally featured in Arabian Nights and has rarely ever appeared again.
mox of ma ruf magic card

Mox of Ma Ruf is to City of Brass what Mox Emerald was to Forest.

sphinx of giza magic card

Sphinx of Giza is one of the cards that I want to exist, but it might not be considered to be balanced for another 30 years or so. It would be more fun and versatile than Mishra’s Workshop.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Arabian Nights 2 is eventually made considering that it would make the company millions of dollars, but there are a number of factors that will prevent it from being made properly. First, Wizards of the Coast might not want to use the old card templates. Two, they might not want “real world references” that greatly added to its charm. Three, they would probably want to add some themes, strategies, and mechanics that would be contrary to the original Arabian Nights flavor. Four, they might not want to intentionally make overpowered cards. Of these Sphinx of Giza would be the most appropriate and it probably wouldn’t really be “too powerful” (although it might have a negative impact of a sort).

If all four of these conditions are met, then we would have one of the most exciting Magic sets ever made. However, I would be surprised to see any of the conditions met.



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