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Drafting Scars of Mirrodin Part 3: Metalcraft Decks October 28, 2010

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It is likely that you will draft a lot of artifacts, but you can try to really go for the artifact theme big time. If you want to go for the artifact theme, metalcraft is the main thing to look for. When making an metalcraft deck, you need to get the right cards to warrant playing an artifact deck, but you also need to choose your colors because many of the best metalcraft cards are non-artifacts. Any color combination can make a decent metalcraft deck, but some colors are better than others. In particular, I am not impressed by the green metalcraft cards. Here are the top 15 common and uncommon cards I look for when I want to play metalcraft: (more…)

Drafting Scars of Mirrodin Part 2: The Sacrifice Theme October 21, 2010

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The fact that Scars of Mirrodin has an artifact and poison theme is obvious — but there’s also a sacrifice theme that can be worth drafting. Not to mention that most people steer clear of this strategy, so it’s not too hard to draft it. Red is the only color that is essential to the sacrifice theme, but black also has some helpful cards. Here is a list of the best cards for the sacrifice theme: (more…)

Will We Get New Basic Lands? October 15, 2010

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I predicted a while back (on June 24th 2010) that we might eventually get new basic land cards. In particular, I predicted we would get new basic land cards sometime between Magic 2011 and 2019, such as Marsh:


Arabian Nights 2 Previews Part 5 October 11, 2010

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When Arabian Nights was made, there was no strong commitment to make the game more balanced or to stop making overpowered cards. The creatures tended to be more powerful in Arabian Nights and the noncreature cards tended to be less powerful, but some broken cards were still made.

One of the exciting parts of making Arabian Nights 2 was that such a set could have had a lot of broken cards in it. The three cards previewed below are probably the most broken cards that I put into the set (and they are featuring the new Arabian Nights template): (more…)

New Emblem Cards October 5, 2010

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The planeswalkers Eslpeth the Knight Errant, Koth of the Hammer, and Venser Sojourner all make use of a new ability that creates “emblems.” We don’t know if these will ever really be made, but here are what emblem cards could look like. (more…)