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Top 10 Scars of Mirrodin Cards for Standard September 26, 2010

Posted by James in : all, reviews, previews, strategy, standard , trackback

I don’t think poison or artifact themed decks will immediately have a strong impact on standard, and my top 10 list will be restricted to the cards I think will have an impact right away. My top 10 list is the following:

1. Elspeth Tirel

elspeth tirel

I think that Blue/White Control decks will remain strong even without Shards of Alara. The new Elspeth will help, and it’s probably the best white card that can destroy Planeswalkers.

2. Koth the Hammer

Koth the Hammer

I am a little disappointed that a red planeswalker was made that’s so powerful because it will end up making mono red decks a lot more expensive to build. They could be built for almost nothing–until now. Yes, Koth will help red beat control decks.

3. Dual Lands

scars of mirrodin dual lands

I know a lot of people are disappointed with the new dual lands, but I think they are better than the duals found in Magic 2010 and 2011. The only disappointing bit about these duals is that they are so similar to duals we’ve already seen in the past.

4. Skinrender

skinrender aliens

I don’t know what deck will use Skinrender, but it deserves to be played. It’s the best Flametongue Kavu I’ve seen.

5. Molten Tail Masticore

molten tail  masticore

Molten-Tail Masticore is my favorite artifact creature found in Scars of Mirrodin. I think it could be worth throwing this in mono red or an Elf deck.

6. Ratchet Bomb

ratchet bomb

Ratchet Bomb isn’t as good as Engeneered Explosives or Powder Keg, but it’s still pretty decent. This card might be the end of my hopes for a competitive Elf deck.

7. Arc Trail

arc trail

Arc Trail is a pretty decent burn spell. It’s very similar to Forked Bolt, but it is probably a little better. I would be surprised if no decks used it.

8. Fume Spitter

fume spitter

Fume Spitter is pretty comparable to Mogg Fanatic, and I’m glad it’s a common to make it more affordable. This card deserves to be played, but I’m not sure what deck will use it.

9. Sunblast Angel

Sunblast Angel

It’s a creature that can end up wiping the opponent’s board. Blue/White control will be happy to have one or two of these.

10. Leonin Arbiter

leonin arbiter

It’s hard to say if any Standard deck will use Leonin Arbiter, but it’s a good way to ruin fetch lands.


Scars of Mirrodin has a lot of great cards, but the artifact and poison themes are not yet viable. We will have to wait to see if anything comes of these two major themes.

As usual, Scars of Mirrodin will be pretty affordable with one exception. Those pesky staple mythic cards. Elspeth and Koth the Hammer are already fetching outrageous amounts on ebay. Even if I could afford those cards, I might still refuse to buy them out of principal.


1. robert ching - September 27, 2010

infect is huge in draft. poison decks were unstoppable in pre-release. i won a draft (blue/green/ artifact infect), and a friend won the main event with green/black infect deck. proliferate is absolutely broken. you get to choose counters to proliferate–across the board! that makes Thrumming Bird a sick 2 drop creature. and Venser is the best planeswalker, period. he and Jace are gonna be buddies. only the planeswalkers, Skinrender, and Fumespitter would make my top 10 (and the latter two only because of proliferate … well, no, the Skinrender IS pretty good.)

2. Robert - October 8, 2010

I am really Surprised Mox Opal is not on this list.http://magicgameplan.com/blog/mox-opal-spoiler/
with so many ways to drop it turn one and have some of the best mana acceleration around.
Turn one Ornithopters,memnite just to name a few.
And one casting cost artifacts are plenty.
ANY metalcraft is going to Own this set.
Take a look at Ezuri’s brigade, its a 4/4 for 4 mana and gets +4+4 and trample with Metalcraft.
Just broken !