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Drafting Scars of Mirrodin Part 1: Top 20 Commons & Uncommons September 23, 2010

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The most relevant cards to a draft strategy are the commons and uncommons because they are much more predictable than rares. These are the cards you usually build a deck around. My favorite Scars of Mirrodin commons and uncommons are the following:

1. Volition Reins

volition reins

Volition Reins is a little expensive, but it’s the best removal in the set. Scars of Mirrodin has tons of card advantage, but that doesn’t mean card advantage isn’t good.

2. Skinrender

skinrender aliens

The art for Skinrender is a clear ripoff of Alien, but it’s the closet thing to Flametongue Kavu that we’ve ever got… and it might even be better.

3. Oxidda Scrapmelter

oxidda scrapmelter

Oxidda Scrapmelter might not look like much, but there will be a lot of artifacts in Scars of Mirrodin limited events.

4. Bellowing Tanglewurm

bellowing tanglewurm

Bellowing Tanglewurm is one of the best creatures for limited I’ve ever seen. Green usually lacks evasion, but this is some of the best evasion the game has ever seen. It will often have an impact similar to overrun. The fact that artifact creatures can still block is a big weakness, but the best creatures tend not to be artifact creatures in Scars.

5. Scrapdiver Serpent

Scrapdiver Serpent

Considering that there’s a lot of artifacts to go around, Scrapdiver Serpent is nearly unblockable. This will be a card that has to be dealt with.

6. Exsanguinate


Exsanguinate is a very powerful X spell. It can’t hit creatures, but the loss of life can’t be prevented, and you gain life.

7. Dispense Justice

Dispense Justice

Dispense Justice not only has a chance of giving you card advantage, but it has a good chance of taking care of some pesky indestructible creatures.

8. Darksteel Axe

darksteel Axe

Darksteel Axe will be great if you have a lot of small creatures. It makes all of your creatures into a potential threat that wouldn’t be otherwise.

9. Arrest


Arrest is basically just another pacifism, but stopping activated abilities is relevant sometimes.

10. Arc Trail

arc trail

Arc trail will give people a lot of card advantage because of all the little Myrs people will be playing.

11. Galvanic Blast

galvanic blast

Galvanic Bast is a Shock, which is actually pretty good in drafts, but it also has a chance of being much more.

12. Grasp of Darkness

grasp of darkness

Grasp of Darkess is generic removal, but it’s a lot better than Terror would be.

13. Revoke Existence

revoke existence

Revoke Existence would be a bad Naturalize if it wasn’t for the large number of artifacts. The fact is that it will be good just about every game. I am a little disappointed that white gets the best “naturalize” rather than green. Can’t Wizards of the Coast make up their mind about this sort of thing? I thought green is supposed to have the best Naturalizes. What’s worse is that white seems to do just about everything and green has been pretty disappointing.

14. Shatter


See Revoke Existence.

15. Slice in Twain

slice in twain

See Revoke Existence.

16. Fume Spitter

fume spitter

This card is going to usually be better than a Mogg Fanatic. -1/-1 counters tends to be better than damage and it can be used to do some interesting combat tricks.

17. Halt Order

halt order

Halt order will often give you card advantage because there’s so many artifacts around. This would be a terrible card in just about any other set.

18. Trinket Mage

trinket mage

Trinket Mage isn’t quite as good now that artifact lands are gone, but it can still give you card advantage, and it is perfect with Darksteel Axe.

19. Acid Web Spider

acid web spider

Acid Web Spider has a chance of being card advantage. When it gives you card advantage it can be quite powerful. Otherwise it will be a little disappointing.

20. Darksteel Sentinel

darksteel sentinel

Darksteel Sentinel is one of the most annoying creatures in Scars of Mirrodin. It has flash, so it has a chance of being a surprise blocker, and the combination of vigilance and indestrutibility will be frustrating. I would rate it a lot higher, but 6 mana is a little steep.

Honorable Mention: Tumble Magnet

temble magnet

Tumble Magnet is good with proliferate, but it has a chance of winning you the game before it needs a refill.


Scars of Mirrodin appears to be fairly balanced based on the above list of cards. There’s good cards in every color. Red and White might have a slight advantage because they have the best commons, and green might be the weakest color because it has no commons in the above list.

I am disappointed that green isn’t better considering that it had Viridian Shaman in the original Mirrodin. Green has had the best artifact removal for a long time, which would be perfect in Scars of Mirrodin, but this time white got the best artifact removal.

Update (9/26/10): I don’t know why I didn’t put Fume Spitter on this list because I liked it a lot, so I shifted some cards around to add it to the list. Tumble Magnet is now an “honorable mention.”


1. robert ching - September 27, 2010

Thrumming Bird. that 1/5 green infect creature (G to make creature block). and that blue instant (U) that switches power/toughness.

2. David - October 4, 2010

Volition Reins is not that good, cool but not that much.
Skinrender CA hahaha
Oxidda Scrapmelter is AWESOME
Fume Spitter = not that awesome(may be more personal)
Halt Order = not that good.
Trinket Mage = very bad except if you get darksteel axe.
Darksteel Sentinel/Darksteel Myr = cool except against Infect which is very present in the meta
Spellbombs = fun with not that bad
Infiltration lens = target creature is unblockable :P awesome with Tangle Angler (this is almost skullclamp)
Twisted Image = win game!!! i mean it half of the set dont have the same power and toughtness and its not a dead card cause you draw after :P
Turn Aside is cool if the people are like my gang of people and grab all the removal possible

alot of people underestimate Razor Hyppogriff… that plus recuring a Razorfield Thresher or some spellbomb
Kuldotha Rebirth = bad card with metalcraft but with W/R/G/U spellbomb its decent on turn 2 it wons me a draft lol :P
SoM is a fun set to play easy on colour i like it for that but the set in general dont impress me much like Zen or Shard did (even m10 and m11)

3. James - October 4, 2010


Thanks for the comments. Razor Hippogriff does look quite good. The Spellbomb idea is pretty interesting as well.

4. Nezmoth - October 8, 2010

Just wanted to clear something up. It seems you don’t like Revoke Existence because you thought green was “supposed to have the best Naturalizes.” Well Revoke is akin to Disenchant (which is exactly the same as Naturalize except white). You said “Green has had the best artifact removal for a long time.” Well my friend Naturalize only first appeared in 8th edition. Disenchant which has been around since ALPHA and has been reprinted 14 times (most recently in Time Spiral. So while you may enjoy playing green it in noway holds the title of “best” or longest running “Naturalizes(which should be changed to Disenchants).” BTW the same is true for Shatter(been hear since Alpha and has been reprinted 14 times [including in Mirrodin])

5. James - October 8, 2010


You said, “Well Revoke is akin to Disenchant (which is exactly the same as Naturalize except white).”

The color pie changed so that green would have Disenchant from now on, but it’s called Naturalize now. The fact that white had the best “disenchant” for a while is irrelevant.

Additionally, white is already the best color at just about everything. Now one thing green was best at is no longer the best thing in green. Green is getting the shaft.

6. Brainard - December 9, 2010

Green may have lost the “Naturalize” card to white but the fact that a lot of green creatures in scars act as pseudo-naturalizes make up for it. I didn’t see Sylvok Replica in the list and it’s a fairly decent common if you ask me. Also note that Slice in Twain is better than Revoke Existence in my opinion (Instant and Card Draw) so I don’t think that green is underpowered. But note, black-blue still pawns :P

7. Koen - May 11, 2011

Shatter hmm Divine Offerings a tad better

8. James - May 11, 2011

Yes, but Divine Offering was in Mirrodin Besieged and these are just Scars of Mirrodin cards..