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A Template is Now Available for Arabian Nights (PSD) September 19, 2010

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You can now make your own Arabian Nights, Antiquities, and Revised Magic: the Gathering cards using a PSD (photoshop file). This was created by xerent and posted on the MTG Salvation Forum on September 15, 2010. You can download the files here. Xerent also released the PSD template file for Alpha/Beta a while back. (I used it to create several alternate reality cards from Alpha.)

Before Magic got a huge facelift using entirely new templates in Mirrodin and Eighth Edition, there were a few other modifications. The original Alpha template was changed for Arabian Nights, and then again for fourth edition.

Several months ago I created a sequel to Arabian Nights and I would have loved to use these templates for it.

To see the difference between the 7th Edition and Arabian Nights template, take a look at these cards:

sphinx of giza magic the gathering

The top Sphinx of Giza card is the one using the original Arabian Nights template.

market of jaffa magic the gathering card

More information about making your own Magic cards can be found here.

Update (9/22/2010): I posted the wrong date, so I corrected it.


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