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A Prediction of the Future: Mirrodin vs Phyrexia (Scars of Mirrodin) September 13, 2010

Posted by James in : all, fake cards, speculation , trackback

I thought of Scars of Mirrodin first.

In February 2009 I predicted that we would eventually see a card named Phyrexian Myr, and I was criticized for mixing Mirrodin with Phyrexia, which are two different planes or universes. I replied, “The Myr might be called something else in the future… or there might be a surprise reappearance of Mirrodin and a battle of the planets!”

I was right — Mirrodin is back and Phyrexia is trying to take over the planet! Of course, it’s not entirely clear if I predicted the future or if someone read my idea and decided to give it a try for real.

phyrexian myr

Think it’s over powered? Don’t worry. I didn’t expect to see this card until 2019.


1. Richard Booroojian - September 13, 2010

Based on what they are saying, they planted the seeds for this back when they first did the Mirrodin block. Perhaps you were just more perceptive than most

2. James - September 13, 2010

Richard, Phyrexian Myr is a card I made up. I don’t know of any actual evidence that it would happen. It’s kind of a fluke that turned out well (or stolen ideas), but the idea of Mirrodin vs Phyrexia was a cool sounding idea.

3. rsb - September 14, 2010

Could be, but in some of the stuff I have been reading, they did say they knew back in the original block that the Phyrexians would end up in Mirrodin and that they planted hints and clues to that end, although they were obscure. I am just thinking that, although you thought it was a random lucky fluke, perhaps your subconscious knew better and expressed it this way.

4. rsb - September 14, 2010

(Different computers, different handles, btw)

5. James - September 14, 2010

It is possible I suppose. I would be interested in knowing what those obscure hints were.

6. 神の一手 - September 14, 2010

The obscure hints are mostly in the books, which you don’t read.
The card “hints” are creatures like the nim and the mycosynth. The nim look like phyrexians, flesh and metal grafted.

“The Phyrexian’s return was planned back when Mirrodin was first put together. It was interwoven subtly so that hardcore Magic-story fans would get a hint that something was wrong without quite knowing what that thing was. (The mycosynth wasn’t a red herring after all.) Then when we returned to Mirrodin we could tell the story I’m about to talk about. ” - MaRo

But I think it is too obscure to really pick out of the cards without the books as a guide.

7. Dr. Strangefart - September 15, 2010

I wanted to see Phyrexia come back in some form. If we don’t get a mono black control deck the likes of which we haven’t seen since Damnation and Korlash were legal together, I’m gonna take a dump on Richard Garfield’s desk.

8. James - September 16, 2010

I don’t see any reason to expect mono black control to be a viable deck anytime soon, but Skinrender can help.

9. 神の一手 - September 17, 2010

I see some nice tools, but mono black aggro looks more likely. Darksteel Axe + Phylactery Lich looks like fun. 7/5 indestructable.