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Someone Stole Three of My Decks August 13, 2010

Posted by James in : all , trackback

Last Friday (August 6) a fat pack box containing three of my decks and lots of other goodies went missing during Friday Night magic at Superstars in downtown San Jose. The decks missing include an Ally deck, Vampire deck, and Naya deck. It contained around 20 fetch lands, 4 Noble Hierarchs, 4 foil Dragonmaste Outcast cards, around 12 Magic 2010 dual lands, 4 Knight of Reliquary cards, 4 Vampire Nocturnus cards, and more.

If you took my box by accident (mixed it up with your own) or stole them, then I want them back.

If you know who took it, then then I would also like to know.

If you would like to help me recover my collection by donating cards, then you can also email me.


If you are willing to make a monetary contribution, then you can donate using this link:


This isn’t the first time some of my cards were taken, but it is the biggest loss I’ve had. I think it is possible to have a Magic community without thieves and it is certainly possible for some people to decide to stop stealing from the community.  I will write more about stealing in the near future.

Stealing can ruin a person’s enjoyment of the game. It can make the game much more of a financial hardship than it already is. And the more people steal, the more cynical we become. We want to just spend  good time with friends, but that can’t be possible when hundreds of dollars are stolen from you or a friend.

I told one of my friends who I had meet me at Superstars and told him about what happened. His reply was, “Then why meet here?” This is the sort of cynical attitude caused by theft. My reply was that I didn’t think it was something that happens very often and I still trust most magic players.

Someone suggested that it’s impossible for someone to steal from you if you are “careful enough.” I agree that we should be careful to some extent, but you can take it too far. If you can be careful enough to make sure no one steals from you, then it is only true about incredibly suspicious cynical people who devote a very large amount of their attention to what is going on around them. I don’t play the game to be suspicious and cynical. That would ruin the whole point of the game.


1. Eaglehorn - August 14, 2010

Dude, just keep an eye on your cards or carry them with you when you can’t, duh. Of course sleazeballs will nick a huge load of sexy cards if they’re unattended, no surprise there.

2. James - August 14, 2010


You’re right. I am just a total idiot who was asking for it the whole time. Only total idiots get things stolen from them, so you obviously have nothing to worry about because you’re smarter than me. Keep telling yourself that to make yourself feel better and to maintain a false sense of security.

Yes, I am being sarcastic. I already admitted that people need to be careful. What exactly do you want to add to that uncontroversial fact? Do you really think I disagree with that idea?

What you say is a natural response to make yourself feel more secure, but you could be overconfident about your own abilities. Are you a paranoid cynic or just “appropriately careful?”

What you have just said encourages the “blame the victim” mentality. I thought that I was careful until I found out I was missing one of my fat pack boxes. You seem to want me to think, “If only I was smarter and more careful like you!”

You assume that I left something “unattended” as if nothing could be stolen when “attended” to. However, I have had some things stolen when I was right with my belongings. It is quite possible to steal from people who are “with their belongings.” If you are distracted for one second playing an intense game, someone can steal your stuff.

3. robert ching - August 14, 2010

I’m really sorry, man. I feel your pain. A while back I left my deck box at FNM and was lucky someone turned it in. I thought it was gone for sure. I would’ve qui The decks contained jaces and baneslayers and more irreplaceable cards. I hope someone turns it in.

4. James - August 14, 2010

Thanks, Robert. I still have never got my Jaces and Baneslayers, but I was happy to finally get a playset of the fetches since I wasn’t quite as obsessive back when Onslaught came out. Now I might have to get them again.

5. 神の一手 - August 14, 2010

sorry to hear that James.

I have heard of people having their whole backpacks taken, so it can be very hard to keep your stuff safe especially in larger venues…eaglehorn.

6. James - August 15, 2010


Thanks, I think the larger of a container you take with you, the safer it is, but also the more you could lose if it is stolen. Deck boxes are easily taken, but you only lose a deck if it’s stolen. Fat pack boxes are harder to steal, but you lose more when it’s stolen. And losing your backback takes the cake.

7. Tigerbreak - August 19, 2010

These days I only take what I need, and what I can keep watch over: A trade binder, a standard deck, an extended deck, and a fun deck.

A messenger back with clasps that lock is your best friend. I never have more than one thing out at a time. Unfortunately, if you play at a big place, the percentages of sleazeballs goes up. Sorry for your loss, guy.

8. Mark - August 22, 2010

James, I feel your pain.
It sound you are speaking about me when you say “incredibly suspicious” and “paranoid”.
And you are right, you can’t play focus and watch all what is going on arround you in the same time.

I loved to play in my local FNM. But one day, while I was playing, some one didn’t take care that he was taking my card book instead of his.
I never saw my cards back.

Since then, I still play in FNM, but I just take with me the deck I will play with its sideboard. I stopped to make local trade, and enjoy internet international trade.

FNM lose a lot of its fun part for me, but hey, when your 4 bayou worth more than $150, you dont have to let them too far from your eyes… especially when this is just 4 of a 75 (60+15) deck cards….

Hope you will get some cards back.

PS : I like your blog, it’s very cool !