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Drafting Magic 2011 Part 4: Black July 23, 2010

Posted by James in : all, strategy, tips, limited, draft , trackback

These are my favorite 10 black commons and uncommons when drafting Magic 2011:

1. Doom Blade


The best card in black is not the card I want the most, but it is a common. The only better common in Magic 2011 is Lightning Bolt. (Mind Control is my favorite uncommon.)

2. Assassinate


Assassinate is also one of the most powerful creature removal spells and it’s just a common.

3. Howling Banshee


Howling Banshee isn’t as large as Serra Angel, but it is still well worth playing or even taking as a first pick.

4. Corrupt


Corrupt is best in mono black, but it can be quite good in two color decks as well.

5. Quag Sickness

quag sickness

Quag Sickness isn’t the best removal in black, but it is decent, and it is common.

6. Deathmark


Deathmark isn’t the most reliable creature removal, but it can still be worth playing main deck rather than in the sideboard.

7. Liliana Specter

liliana specter

Liliana Specter is a large step below the top 6, but it is still quite good.

8. Assembling Skeleton

reassembling skeleton

Reassembling Skeleton has the best sort of regeneration ability ever made. It is great with equipment because it guarantees that you will have something to equip, but it is part of one of the most powerful combos in the entire set when played with Bloodthrone Vampire.

9. Rise from the Grave

rise from the grave

Rise from the Grave is very powerful precisely because you can get creatures from the opponent’s graveyard. It is best used with creature removal, so you can destroy a powerful creature so you can take it. It’s quite a step down from Mind Control, but it’s also useful in getting your own creatures back. It might best be used with green so you can get some large creatures back.

10. Black Knight

black knight

Black Knight is a large step down from the top 8. It’s just a good creature to have.


Black lost Consume Spirit and Tendrils of Corruption, but black has a lot of solid cards. Consume Spirit was replaced with Corrupt, and Tendrils of corruption was replaced with Quag Sickness. Additionally, black has been greatly improved with Reassembling Skeleton and Liliana’s Specter.


1. robert ching - July 24, 2010

Duress and viscera seer.

2. James - July 24, 2010

Robert Ching,

I don’t find those cards very helpful for drafting. I would consider playing Duress, but Viscera seer doesn’t seem threatening enough.

3. 神の一手 - July 26, 2010

The seer is nice with the skeleton or in a b/r deck with Act of Treason.

4. James - July 26, 2010

Good point. I guess Seer can be worth playing in the right deck.

5. robert ching - July 27, 2010

No one ever wants to waste a removal on a 1/1. It scryes and that lessens the impact of removal on your other creatures. I’m not saying it’s top ten, but it’s undervalued.

6. James - July 27, 2010

Yes, I don’t know when I could ever fit it in a deck other than when it combos off, but the ability of the card is half-decent. I would consider playing it just to get a benefit from Act of Treason.